International Democratic Union

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International Democratic Union
Flag of the IDU
IDU Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Motto: Justice, environment, industry, education
Map of the IDU region
Map of the IDU region
Administrative capitalDemocracity
TypePolitical Region
• WA Delegate
• Vice Delegate
• IDUSA Speaker
Libertas Omnium Maximus
• Cultural Minister
• Foreign Minister
Establishment24 July 2004
• 2018 estimate
GDP (nominal)2018 estimate
• Per capita

The International Democratic Union (abbreviated IDU) is a democratic and peaceful region, historically active in United Nations and later World Assembly politics. The region is currently host to several UN/WA resolution writers. The IDU is governed by its fundamental values along with an election charter. Delegate elections are held annually. The current Delegate is Lauchenoiria.

Geographically, the region is located on a large, diverse landmass, occupying a planet from around 20°N to around 55°N, although the lines of latitude and longitude don't end up being straight in practice, due to the effects of fractal reality interference on normal reality. The IDU is also host to a number of flora and fauna, most of which thrive in the stunning environments of the majority of the region.

The region has a reputation for being more liberal than others, despite not endorsing this ideology officially. This is possibly due to the oft-correlation between beliefs in high social freedom, high political freedom, and, to a lesser extent, low economic freedom.


The International Democratic Union (IDU) was founded on July 25, 2004 after a series of raids against The North Pacific. The raiders managed to take the delegacy and mass-ejected many of the region's most prominent members and even some completely random members. At the time of the IDU's founding, the North Pacific banlist contained approximately 150 nations. The vast majority of these were nations who wanted nothing more than a peaceful region where democracy ruled and people were free to play the game without fear of the random banishments that were unique to the feeders.

By the spring of 2005, the size of the IDU had settled to about 17 nations. Over the next several months, it climbed slowly but steadily and has plateaued at about 70 member nations since then. For a list of former members which have gone extinct or emigrated, see Former IDU members.

In honour of the founding of the IDU, many member nations have declared the anniversary of the region's founding a public holiday, Democracy Day.

Fundamental values

The International Democratic Union is governed primarily by its fundamental values and then by its short formal election charter for its top two officials.

The IDU stands for democracy.

No delegate will ban without a regional vote. No delegate will cast his WA vote without a regional vote. No interregional alliances will be forged without a regional vote. The WA Delegate's vote breaks a tie.

The IDU stands for a powerful WA.

Recruitment campaigns will be run in the Pacifics. WA non-members are welcomed but encouraged to join the WA. WA members are strongly encouraged to endorse the elected delegate. WA members are encouraged to draft and assist with proposals, as well as to participate in discussions in either or both of our WA forums. The Delegate is encouraged to read the current proposals and approve those deemed worthy of WA attention. With each proposal that reaches quorum, a regional vote will be taken and if the necessary quorum (of three nations in addition to the Delegate) is reached then the Delegate will vote in accordance with the will of the people.

The IDU stands for balance between individual freedom and national sovereignty.

Nothing aside from compliance with the IDU Constitution will be required of any individual nation. Our team of WA writers will strive as much as possible to keep our proposals from infringing upon national sovereignty. However, most nations in our region value the individual freedom of a nation's citizen higher than national or international rules. As long as no harm is done, people should be free to develop themselves as free, happy and productive citizens in their society.

The IDU stands for regional stability and security.

Constructive rather than destructive competition will be the norm. This will insure that whoever holds the Delegacy, they will have the maximum possible number of endorsements, strengthening us against outside attack. There will be no appeals process for known raiders, they will be regarded as enemies of the state.

The IDU stands for community.

Through this forum and through our internal and external diplomatic relations, we will establish a strong, influential, and vibrant NS community. We will show no hostility to diversity, but rather welcome it with open arms.

The IDU stands for secular government.

We support as a basic human right the right to worship without inference from the state, and also the right to govern without interference from the church.


As a region devoted to promoting democratic rule, the top IDU official, the WA Delegate, is democratically elected by member states to serve year-long terms.

Annually, IDU members who are part of the IDU States' Assembly (IDUSA) vote to decide which member nation will become WA Delegate. The runner-up normally becomes the Vice Delegate. Only nations that have been members of the IDU for at least two weeks and are currently WA members are eligible for the WA delegacy position. The results of the election are monitored by an appointed Election Commission. The election is limited to IDU WA members only. See the IDU Library for the current election charter.

All WA members must endorse the WA Delegate and most of them should also endorse the Vice Delegate so that the IDU may defend against non-native raiders, although this need has become much less pronounced with the reactivation of the IDU's founder, The IDU. The Vice Delegate holds only one fewer endorsement than the WA Delegate in theory (although in practice he generally holds quite a few less), and may assist the Delegate and take over as Acting Delegate when the Delegate is unable or unwilling, in times of inactivity or crisis, to fulfill the responsibilities of the office.

Other officials have been elected or appointed with much less formality as the need arises and people have shown interest in creating or appropriating jobs for themselves.

Regional officials

The region is currently debating the structure of its regional government. See Internal politics for more detail. Below are the current regional offices.

WA Delegate

Elected within the region to serve as WA Delegate at the NS World Assembly and prime minister of the region for one year. Responsible for WA discussions, approving worthwhile proposals, keeping WA contacts and upholding the values of the IDU within the region. De facto, the Delegate is typically the face of the region and plays a major role in regional decision-making.

WA Vice-Delegate

Elected within the region (as the runner up to the WA Delegate election), or appointed by the delegate if there is no other candidates, and holding only one fewer endorsement than the WA Delegate. Responsible for assisting the Delegate and taking over as Acting Delegate when necessary.


The Delegate may appoint as they see fit nations as Ministers to oversee various aspects of the region. They serve at the Delegate's pleasure, although under the IDU Charter ministers may be prevented from taking office by a majority vote of the IDUSA, although this has never occurred. Current Ministers include a Hospitality Minister (responsible for welcoming new nations arriving in the region), Culture Ministers (responsible for promoting regional cultural activities such as the Film Festival, as well as general international involvement in crises such as the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War), Foreign Minister (responsible for articulating and maintaining a common IDU foreign policy with other regions) and other positions.

The current ministers are as follows:

IDU Council

In January of 2007, the IDU approved a document which created a non-mandatory regional organization. The charter, which can be found here, defined it's purpose as "...heightening regional cooperation, improving life in our respective nations, presenting a united but diversified front to the world, and for other generally good purposes.."

However, a cumbersome voting and election process caused the Council to fail. Efforts are currently underway to re-found the council.

UN/WA politics

The IDU has a large proportion of members active in the World Assembly, and its members authored almost 8 percent of all passed resolutions from the old UN prior to its collapse. Proposals adopted as UN and WA resolutions that were written by IDU nations are:


  • Feb 2004 Ballast Water Mikitivity
  • Jul 2004 Tracking Near Earth Objects Mikitivity
  • Jul 2004 Refugee Protection Act Xtraordinary Gentlemen
  • Jul 2004 Needle Sharing Prevention Mikitivity
  • Sep 2004 Habeas Corpus Enn
  • Oct 2004 Good Samaritan Laws Mikitivity
  • Jan 2005 Tsunami Warning System Grosseschnauzer
  • Feb 2005 Sex Industry Worker Act Groot Gouda
  • Apr 2005 Natural Disaster Act Groot Gouda
  • Aug 2005 Mitigation of Large Reservoirs Mikitivity
  • Sep 2005 Labeling Standards Antrium
  • Dec 2005 Repeal "Right to Divorce" Fonzoland
  • Jan 2006 Repeal "Save the forests of the World" Fonzoland
  • Mar 2006 The Right to Form Unions Groot Gouda
  • Mar 2006 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act Franxico
  • Apr 2006 Waste Disposal Covenant Fonzoland
  • May 2006 UN Patent Law Ceorana
  • Jun 2006 UN Copyright Convention Ceorana
  • Oct 2006 Freedom of Assembly Mikitivity


  • May 2008 Humanitarian Transport Mikitivity
  • Apr 2010 Meteorological Cooperations Bears Armed Mission
  • Apr 2010 Drug Trafficking Act Enn
  • May 2010 Responsible Offshore Drilling Embolalia
  • Aug 2010 Clean Water Act Embolalia
  • Aug 2010 Rights of the Orphaned Child Sanctaria

UN/WA organizations

Historically, the IDU has been home to many members of the United Nations Old Guard, with Mikitivity, Groot Gouda, Grosseschnauzer, Fonzoland, Ceorana and Enn all having membership in the organization at one time. However, Mikitivity has since left the organization, Grosseschnauzer and Groot Gouda stopped being active in it, Enn left the region, and Ceorana and Fonzoland ceased to exist altogether.

The IDU is now a member of an informal bloc of WA voters, known as the World Assembly Legislative League (WALL). WALL members, including the regions of Balder, Europe, Europeia, and the North Pacific in addition to the IDU, exchange information and collaborate on drafting and voting on proposed resolutions in the World Assembly.

External politics

The IDU has historically concluded alliances with, befriended or exchanged embassies with:

  • Avengers Assemble
  • Allied Union of Nations
  • Antarctic Oasis
  • Europe
  • European Union
  • Forest
  • Free States of Gaia
  • Futaba Aoi
  • Lazarus
  • Legion of Unrestricted Democracy
  • Nederland
  • Social Liberal Union
  • Texas
  • The North Pacific
  • The West Pacific
  • United Kingdom
  • Yggdrasil

Regional Cooperation


There are a number of news services in the International Democratic Union. Though most of these services tend to focus more on the nations from which they are headquartered, many of these sources cooperate with other IDU media services covering news for other nations in the IDU.


The IDU is a very active region that often has special events for its members. The largest holiday in the IDU is Democracy Day, a celebration of the region's independence. Celebrations are held throughout the region, as most IDU nations consider it a national holiday.

The IDU also holds the IDU Football Championship annually, which are often great successes. This tournament brought citizens from all over the region together to enjoy some exciting games of football.

Another popular event is the International Democratic Union Cheese Festival, where nations enter their most popular specialty cheeses and cheese-related products to be judged. Nations from outside the region can enter the "Best Imported Cheese" category.

The IDU Film Festival, in which nations enter films and film actors to be judged by others, is a popular annual event. Winners are crowned in several film-related categories annually.