International Freedom Alliance

International Freedom Alliance
TypeMilitary alliance
Legal statusIntergovernmental organization
HeadquartersMusrum, Bratislav
Official language
Bratislavian, English
Executive Founder
22px David Albanov
Interior Minister
Catherine Ashford
Defense Minister
Carloso Eben Davies
Main organ
IFA Council
AffiliationsWestern Coalition

The International Freedom Alliance (IFA) was an intergovernmental organization and military alliance founded by Bratislav. In 2014, it merged with the Western Coalition to form the International Freedom Coalition


Merging with the WC



First Summit

The First Summit of the IFA was held in Bratislav beginning on the 17th of December 2013.

Second Summit

The Second Summit of the IFA was held in Columbion beginning on the 19th of March 2014. It was the first and so far only summit to be held outside of Bratislav and was hosted by President James Wallace. The talks ended with the creation of the Rapid Response Force.

Third Summit

The Third Summit of the IFA was held in Bratislav beginning on the 15th of June 2014. The summit was held in the Great Hall of the Republic in Musrum. Issues that were discussed in this summit included the alliance's cooperation with other organizations such as the UAS, WC, UL, Axis and the ICC, trade within the IFA and the alliance's Rapid Reaction Force. They ended with the creation of several new ministerial posts.

Fourth Summit





The entirety of the IFA's budget is made up of donations from member states.