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Directed byJetske Tjepkema
Produced byHermann Köhler
Lobje Van Der Mei
Written byThije Hylkema
Deen Poelstra
Screenplay byPhilippa Butler
Story byMarju Teder
StarringHatse Schuurmans
Elske Elzinga
Dominik Finke
Freya Wilson
Lynn Westra
Lehte Laurits
Marten Ebner
Music byHine Posthuma
CinematographyYpkje Jonkman
Edited byEarntsje Zijlstra
Distributed byNewStory
Release date
  • 2 October 2020 (2020-10-02) (Montecara Film Festival)
Running time
128 Minutes

Isolated (Dellish: Ôfsûnderje) is a 2020 Alish Post-Apocalyptic Horror film, directed by Jetske Tjepkema, written by Thije Hylkema and Deen Poelstra and starring Hatse Schuurmans, Elske Elzinga, Dominik Finke, Lynn Westra and Marten Ebner. The plot depicts the collapse of society after the release of a deadly virus which destroys Modern day society in Euclea.


20 Days after the release of a deadly virus in a reservoir in Southern Gaullica most of the population of Euclea has been annihilated by humanoid 'infected' which possess a heightened sense of strength and speed.

The Kuiper Family - wife Uwkje, husband Its and children Alemtsje and Atze scavenge for supplies in an abandoned village near Rikertsted. The family had been living in an abandoned School although are forced to leave after running out of supplies. Its tells the family as they are leaving that the countryside is full of infected who had tried fleeing to rural areas in the early days of the outbreak. After following a set of train tracks they meet another group of survivors, Ellen and Stephan. Ellen tells them that there is a supposed safe haven in Fawkhamshire and that she will guide them there if they can join their group. The family agree although Its is suspicious of the two. The group kill a sheep to eat although Alemtsje complains about the food. The next day they scavenge for supplies and Its enters a house to find edible food for the family. He is killed after another survivor mistakes him for an infected and kills him. The other survivor is then subsequently killed by an infected after a fight breaks out between him and Uwkje and the group flees.

Stephen and Ellen are revealed to be married and had left Yndyk on the seventh day of the outbreak as martial law is declared by the Alish government. They then claim their daughter was shot and killed in the chaos as they ran from their car on the motorway which was full of cars also leaving the city. Alemtsje and Stephen develop a close bond as they catch fish from a river to eat.

The next day they cross a river and find a group of infected next to an abandoned train. Atze's panicked screams alert the trains infected occupants to their location and a large group of infected begin to chase them across the bridge. Atze disappears during the chaos and the group find her body on the riverbank. Uwkje becomes distraught after the death of her husband and daughter and attempts suicide but is stopped by Ellen who admits that she and Stephan aren't married but she had to kill her husband as they left Yndyk.

They make it to the supposed safe haven which turns out to be a village next to a lake. Ellen runs towards a house on the lake shore and finds the bodies of three people. Ellen is distraught and collapses into tears. She admits there was no safe haven and that she had been trying to rescue her daughter who had been staying with her Grandparents. An enraged Uwkje attacks and kills Ellen and severely injures Stephan with a Kitchen knife. Stephan bleeds out from his injuries. That night Uwkje allows herself to be infected by drinking from contaminated drinking water in the tap. Alemtsje flees the house and finds a group of survivors near the Estmerish border who take him in.



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