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Euclea orthographic.png
Area9,511,739 km²
Density77 people per km²
GDP (nominal, millions)$22,469,614
GDP per capita$30,800
Time zonesUTC +2 to –4

Euclea is a continent located entirely in the Northern and Western Hemispheres of Kylaris. It is bordered to the north by the Pervovo Sea, Boreal Sea, Ghaillish Sea, and North Sea, to the east by the Florian Ocean and Gulf of Assonaire, to the south by the Solarian Sea and Mazdan Sea, and to the west by the Lumine Ocean. Coius lies to the south and east.

Euclea covers approximately one sixteenth of Kylaris's surface and is home to slightly over one fifth of its population. It is the world's second-most populous continent after Coius and is its richest on a gross GDP basis; nearly 40% of the world's aggregate GDP is generated in Euclea. Politically, Euclea is divided into approximately thirty states, twelve of which comprise the Euclean Community. Narozalica is the largest country in Euclea, and Gaullica is the most populous.


The name Euclea comes from the ancient Piraean goddess Eukleia (Ευκλεια), the deity personifying glory and good repute.


A climate map of Euclea

The Euclean climate is affected by warm currents that temper winters and summers for most of the continent, even at latitudes along which the climate elsewhere is severe. Seasonal differences are more noticeable farther inland than close to the coast.


Euclean is home to a number of regional organizations, most prominently the Euclean Community, which is currently the world's most fully realized supranational organization. Its member states have agreed to the free movement of goods, people, capital, and services, and have adopted a common currency, the euclo. Other major regional organizations include Samorspi, which brings together states that once comprised the Empire of Narozalica, the Aurean Forum, and the Northern Forum. The Community of Nations is headquartered in the Euclean country of Kesselbourg.

List of states and territories

Name Capital Population Area (km²) Head of State Head of Government Government type
Aimilia Kakzazna 6,708,921 100,000 Kabentim Teguzboded Manham Batsatindim Parliamentary republic
Amathia Arciluco 35,852,332 Area Presidency of Amathia Ramona Veleșean Semi-presidential republic
Azmara Aalmsted 10,029,100 43,018 Maarija Ryginsdohter Eryk Jorśsun Parliamentary republic
Buckland Dunhelm 6,825,000 90,443 Freodhoric Ācden Godric Eoforlēah Parliamentary republic
Caldia Spálgleann 9,257,180 315,093 Kenneth IV Stiofán Mac Suibhne Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 East Miersa Dyńsk 21,740,000 197,568 Anna Wlodarska Council republic
 Geatland Blåstad 6,192,106 90,819 Brunhild II Karl Nilsson Jung Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Estmere Ashcombe 56,519,373 Area Alice Roberts Reginald Wilton-Smyth Parliamentary republic
Etruria Etruria Etruria Poveglia 65,596,083 909,388
Francesco Carcaterra
Parliamentary republic
Auratia Cienflores 33,020,000 240,886 Enrique Santos Domínguez Germán del Caserío Parliamentary republic
Gaullica Verlois 87,176,289 1,149,240 Jean Vallette Hugo-Noël Devereaux Semi-presidential republic
Hennehouwe s'Holle 17,125,503 130,279 Adriaan Wilhelm Paulus Rupert van Bleiswijk Parliamentary republic
Kesselbourg Kesselbourg City 1,424,500 8,000 William II Emmanuel Schmit Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Lemovicia Lemovicia Topagunea 2,502,577 41,834 Presidency Sergiusz Galecki Parliamentary republic
 Minilov Flag-of-maljubav.svg Maljubav 6,200,000 265,171 Yaroslav Miher Parliamentary republic
 Montecara  Montecara 1,779,958 851
Directorial republic
 Narozalica Narozalica Samistopol 88,081,653 2,985,973 Samuel Czenko Presidential republic
Solstiana Solstiana Solstiana Kvitastrott 27,003,197 884,477 Directorial republic
Piraea Alikianos 13,284,889 Area Pavlos Kassapidis Maria Theopeftatou Parliamentary republic
Poliania Vesemir 76,558,975 1,239,473 Konstantin II Aleksandra Preobrazhenskaya Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Radushia Chrivotovo 4,193,694 8,646 Macarius II Raman Yarmoshyn Parliamentary constitutional theocracy
 Swetania Swetapolis 52,853,207 Area
Presidium of the General Congress
Directorial republic
Tibernum Tibernum City 842 Area
Pope Joseph
Absolute monarchy
Varienland Rosenborg 7,538,726 90,819 Georg-Frederik IV Nils H. Thornbæk Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Vedmed Tsivebi 10,578,243 149,023 Erekle Botkoveli Parliamentary republic
 Velzemia Velzemia Paltamo 17,013,556 372,431 Anssi Keskitalo Parliamentary republic
Werania Westbrücken 58,579,684 Area Charlotte Otto von Hößlin Parliamentary constitutional elective monarchy
 West Miersa West Miersa West Żobrodź 16,419,000 203,965 Sylwester Wrzesiński Adrian Rozak Authoritarian republic