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The Empire of Iwonia
Lé Imperi der Iwónia (Iwonian)
Das Kaiserreich von Iwonia (German)
El Imperio de Iwonia (Spanish)
Iwonian Peace Flag
Iwonian War Flag
Motto: ¡Togh bluut y swea cov ier sucessia!
Through blood and sweat comes our success!
Anthem: N/A
and largest city
Greater Lumia
Official languagesIwonian
Ethnic groups
  • 53.394% Ansians
  • 20.275% Schizennians
  • 17.360% Iwonians
  • 5.004% Verinnans
  • 2.137% Lievenirans
  • 1.245% Other
  • 0.405% Orlans
--60.2% Lutheranism
11.1% Islam
--8.6% Shia Islam
--2.5% Sunni Islam
28.7% Folk or Other
GovernmentDictatorial Absolute Monarchy
• Emperor
Angel Vizueth IV
• Royal Governor
Franklin Jüsot
• Nomadic Settlement
600 CE
• Creation of the Anso Kingdoms
745 CE
• Formation of the United Ansian Kingdoms
• Iwonian Kingdom Independence Secured
• Ansian war of Iwonian submission
• Declaration of the Empire of Iwonia
• 2020 estimate
• 2015 census
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
$1.021 Trillion
• Per capita
Gini (2015)Negative increase 24.5
HDI (2020)Decrease 0.431
CurrencyIwon (IW)
Time zone Iwonia Central Time (ICT) (UTC+4)
Driving sideright
Calling code+713
Internet TLD.iwo

Iwonia, officially The Empire of Iwonia (Iwonian: Lé Imperí de Iwónia; German: Das Kaiserreich von Iwonia; Spanish: El Imperio de Iwonia) or the Iwonian Empire is a nation located in Anteria that is led by Angel Vizueth IV. It allows slavery within it's borders with an arsenal of 4 short-ranged nuclear missiles and 13 long-ranged nuclear missiles. It shares a border to the northeast with Shedehnoah, a border to the south and east with Teckia and a border to the west with New Gujo.


Military Budget and where it is spent.

  Army (59.2%)
  Paramilitary Force (30.8%)
  Navy (4.4%)
  Air Force (3.2%)

The Iwonian Military is split into several branches, The Imperial Army, The Air Force, The Coast Guard, and The Iwonian Forces of the Interior. The Imperial Army, known for their victory against the Kingdoms, have been on alert with the bordering countries following the declaration. The Air Force and Coast Guard, only being formed in 1927, are known to be under equipped but the Government is planning on constructing more planes and ships. The Iwonian Forces of the Interior is a Paramilitary group deployed all around Iwonia with around 300 in every city, they handle protests and riots with extreme force if need be.

Nuclear Program

The Iwonian Nuclear Program, initiated in 1982, was started on the basic concept that with nuclear weapons, Iwonia would become a powerful nations with many allies, while some success on both factors were achieved in 2008 and 2020, the rest seems impossible with the hostile foreign policy, and while some attempts to abandon the project had been brought up several times, the Left-Nationalist Party reinforced the idea of keeping it for security and a current weapon has gone underway, the B255 Cluster Bomb, while reports state the devastating effects of the weapon, it has been yet to be tested but is planned to be test on November 3rd. Some other possible tests is a nuclear-powered car and a nuclear Iwonian designed submarine. Some theories suspect that Iwonia is trying to up production of nuclear missiles.


Since 1996, Iwonia has been modernising faster and quicker than before with plans for a space station and a modernised military in order to protect Iwonian interest in the world.

Iwonian Monarch

The current house leading Iwonia is the House of Vizueth with Angel Vizueth IV as its current head as more and more house members starting to isolate themselves from current policies set in Iwonia.


The Central Government is considered to be run by the Left-Nationalist Party of Iwonia with dwindling support as people protest against the central authority with increasing demands for civil rights and support for the new party made for the introduction of democracy. The government has caused some debate between people with them being behind the the Genocide of Veniana, dividing the state and giving it to Central Ansia and Schizenn, its capital, Ouwa has been renamed to Lumia and after new construction that added more living space, renamed again to Greater Lumia and has been set to the new National Capital (from Bavile).

Election of the Cabinets

  Left-Nationalist Party of Iwonia (48.4%)
  Communist Party of Iwonia (4.2%)
  Socialist Party United (9.8%)
  Democratic Front of Iwonia (37.6%)


After the Iwonian War for Independence in 1821 and almost after a century of independence, the United Ansian Kingdoms tried to reconquer the lands with little organisation, after quick small defeats for the Kingdom of Iwonia, they organised an offensive and successfully conquered the Kingdoms and proclaiming the Empire of Iwonia on October 1st, 1910.


Religion Affiliation in Iwonia

  Lutheran (60.2%)
  Catholic (4.1%)
  Folk (22.7%)
  Shia (8.6%)
  Sunni (2.5%)
  Other (6%)

The state religion is considered to be Lutheranism with a Catholic minority along with Muslims (mainly Shia Muslim). The religion of Schizenn is considered to be mainly Folk religion as they have decided to preserve their culture more than other regions.

Foreign Policy

Iwonia is considered to be a hostile nation towards others, however is willing to open relations with other nations.


Iwonia has recently taken a tough stance on southern countries by increasing their sphere of influence on the south, even little bit at a time.


Iwonia is a mass producer of Iwonian made goods, which is sold to its people with little trade from outside Iwonia. Iwonia is an semi-autarkic economy which has heavily grown since 1927 from 14.3 million to 1.021 Trillion.