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Janab Pacaal

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Janab Pacaal
B'ah Ch'ok Ajaw
Born (1990-10-20) 20 October 1990 (age 32)
K'alak Muul, Mutul
SpouseSiwi Basya Angkatan
Full name
Janab Pak'al Ye Ilok'tab
FatherJasaw Chan K'awiil V
MotherIx Cib Chel

Janab Pacaal (born on LC: Yax/5 Ik) is the Heir Presumptive to the Divine Throne as the eldest child of Ho Jasaw Chan K’awiil and Ix Cib Chel. His birth name was Ho Yax Chaakik’, “Fifth Jade Stormwind” or “Five Precious Speech of Chaac” but was changed to Janab Pacaal, one of the royal names, after the coronation of his father, the 30 September 1991 (LC : Chen/17 Manik). Before that, he had already been declared Heir Presumptive with the title of B’ah Ch’ok Ajaw the 13 September 1991 (LC: Mol/8 Ok), the day after his father became K’uhul Ajaw.

Early life and education

Janab' Pakal written in Classic Glyphs

The B’ah Ch’ok Ajax was born on 20 October 1990 in the Room of Ix Chel, K’alak Muul’s Royal Necropolis to the then Heir Presumptive Jasaw Chan K'awiil and Lady Cib Chel. He was first named Ho Yax Chaakik’ when presented thirteen days later to the Ancestors on 2 November 1990 (LC: Zak/5 Men) which is only when his birth was revealed to the public. it seems that this important time between the two days was calculated to compensate for the rather poor day 5 Ik’ is in Sakbe traditions, as it is a day symbolizing of the destructive forces of Nature. Meanwhile, “Men” is considered the most excellent day of all, where double offerings are made in shrines and consecrated places. The period itself of “thirteen days” is highly symbolic in Sakbe practices and made the wait itself more auspicious. It was revealed that, when he was old enough, he was tattooed by the Aj Tz’ib’al Kechan Sak Tun a representation of a Hero’s thirteen days travel through Xibalba before being re-incarnated.

He was educated by way of private tutors until the age of fifteen when he was placed in Chaac Ik’ Nawi like his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before him. After the Basic Courses, he followed the Basic and then Advanced Programs for public officials, as well as studies in Theology, Philosophy, and War Studies. After graduating, he continued personal studies with his tutors in various subjects.

After his graduation, his family started to organize Janab Pacaal’s marriage. Lady Yax Kachel, daughter of the Kooja Ajaw, was the first potential match to really retain the attention of the royal family, but the Lost Diamonds Case made the name of the Kooja Ajaw and of his family too scandalous for the time to think about such match.

Since then, attempt to marry the B’ah Ch’ok Ajaw have stalled, especially since he made known his wish to take part personally in the negotiation of the contract.


As the B’ah Ch’ok Ajaw, Janab Pacaal is considered the "Minister of Rites" of the Royal Household. He also represented his father in many international occasions, and presided many events like sport competitions or grand festivals. He still touch a pension, for his status as prince of blood, and a salary, for his many functions in the Household.

Personal Life

Janab Pacaal is said to take an extremely keen interests in gambling games, especially related to cards. Bul is another game he’s said to be very proficient in. He and his friends from Chaac Ik’ Nawi alongside other relations often meet in their private residences to play and gamble. One of Janab Pacaal favorite subject during his studies seems to have been mathematics, especially statistics.

Another passion of his Stage Magic and other performing arts. The B’ah Ch’ok Ajaw is known for his patronage of many theater and other associations of performers. He was notably taught stage magic by the famous Mutulese dwarf and magician : Aj Ik’ Kaholom.

Janab Pacaal’s many reunions and games with his friends and other relations has been nicknamed the “Princely court”. These meetings are private, reserved to a very strict list of personal friends who often have been with the B’ah Ch’ok Ajaw since his first years of school. These are often sons and brothers of other influential figures in the Divine Kingdom, but the Prince has always referred to these reunions as an “association of former students”.