Jonáš, Prince of Brezovička

Prince of Brezovička
Holyn prince.jpeg
Prince Jonáš in 2019.
Born (1999-02-21) 21 February 1999 (age 22)
Cizekporok, Holynia
Full name
Jonáš Augustín Vladislav Lukáš Mäsiar
FatherMikuláš I
MotherPrincess Valéria II of Várkony
ReligionHolyn Catholicism

Jonáš, Prince of Brezovička (Hornat: Jonáš Augustín Vladislav Lukáš Mäsiar; born 21 February 1999), is heir apparent to the Holyn throne, as the eldest child of King Mikuláš I. If he ascends to the throne, he would be the first King to have been born in Holynia since Kováč II and Benedikt IV, who ruled in exile. Ever since his father ascended to the throne in 2006, Jonáš has gradually taken a more public role, especially in the late 2010s.

Early life

Jonáš was born in King Alexandr III Hospital (formerly Volen Hajek State Hospital) in Cizekporok, Hornatyia, Holynia on 21 February 1999. His birth gained national attention as the first member of the royal family to have been born in Holynia proper since the 1922 birth of Princess Matylda. He was the first child of Valéria, then Princess of Brezovička and Mikuláš, then Prince of Brezovička.

Jonáš was baptised on 10 April 1999 at Saint Sabas Holy Church in Cizekporok. His family resided in Ptruksa Castle outside Bystrica. Jonáš was enrolled in private school in Škriavník. In 2006, Jonáš, along with his siblings, moved to Cizekporok following his fathers' ascension to King. Jonáš became heir apparent upon his taking the title Prince of Brezovička in December 2006. Once moving to Cizekporok, Jonáš attended the prestigious Melichar academy in Cizekporok. Jonáš has two siblings Kristína, Duchess of Bršlica, aged 16 and Aleš, Duke of Podskalie, aged 13.

Public life

Jonáš attended his first public function as Prince of Brezovička, the military parade in honor of 300th anniversary of the victory of Radovan II in the Water Wars. In 2009, he attended the baptising of his cousin, Radovan, Duke of Sliač. In 2014, Jonáš attended the opening of Terminal 3 at King Benedikt International Airport in Cizekporok. Jonáš celebrated his 18th birthday during a ceremony in Cizekporok. In 2018, Jonáš became the first member of the royal family to visit the Holyn border with Bogoria, attracting controversy. In 2020, Jonáš gave a speech to the Narodna Rada following the state opening hosted by King Mikuláš I.

Titles, styles, honours and arms

  • 21 February 1999 – 11 February 2006: His Royal Highness Jonáš, Duke of Strouhy
  • 20 February 2006 – present: His Royal Highness Jonáš, Prince of Brezovička


 Holynia: Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Patrik (21 February 2019)
 Holynia: Knight Commander of the Order of St. Sabas (1 February 2017)
 Holynia: Order of Honor (12 January 2018)

Personal life

Jonáš is currently attending the University of Cizekporok in Cizekporok, Holynia. He is pursuing international economics. Jonáš is also a reserve Royal Holyn Air Force cadet officer and will receive his commission in 2021.


Jonáš has been an avid young athlete playing youth and college level ice hockey and water polo. He is a supporter of the Cizekporok Rytieri HC in the NAHL. Jonáš has played for the Strouhy HC from 2014 to 2017 and for the University of Cizekporok's intercollegiate team. He currently is a forward.


He has been criticized for speaking on subjects of political matters, especially against attempts to raise post-secondary education prices in late 2019.