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The United Jormundsea Republic

Flag of Jormundea
Largest cityNyurdhulm
Official languagesAllamunnic
Recognised national languagesSkraeli, Eonese
GovernmentFederal Presidential System Democratic Republic
• Premier
Lito Rikardsunn
• Chancellor
Fargus Grahulm
• 2022 estimate

Jormundea, formally the United Jormundsea Republic, is a constituent republic of the Federation of Ottonian Republics. It is located in the northwestern region of Ottonia, encompassing the Jormundsea basin. It is neighbored to its west by the Peoples' Republic of Tyrrslynd, to its south by the Dunnmaar Autonomous Republic and Free State of Eona, and to its east by the Skraeling Free State.

Due to its seizing of independence in the 1785 Jormundean Revolution, Jormundeans often claim that Jormundea is the first and oldest Ottonian republic, although this claim is disputed, sometimes vigorously, by their Skraeling neighbors. Regardless of which republic is older, what is certain is that Jormundeans, along with their Dunnmaarish and Skraeling neighbors, played a key role in the creation of the modern, unified Ottonian state.

Geography & Climate

Jormundea is, in sharp contrast to its southern neighbors, largely flat with the exception of a spine of low mountains that form a spur off of the Bluwaald Mountains. Much of the area has historically been densely-forested, particularly by hardwoods and connifers. Due to the nearby influence of both the Boreian and Salacian Oceans, Jormundea experiences a mix of comparatively mild winters (although snowfall and cold temperatures are still the norm, there is less variation than locations further-inland) and cool, wet summers.

Dominating the republic, geographically, is the extensive Jormundsea, a large, saltwater bay that gradually transitions to a brackish water estuary further south.


Politics & Government