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Katowice Rynek.jpg
Etymology: Unknown
 • MayorBanam Pizinkiskig
 • Total500 km2 (200 sq mi)
 • Total997,634
 • Density2,000/km2 (5,200/sq mi)

Kakzazna is the capital and largest city of Aimilia. It is located at the centre of Kakzazna Province, which is in turn the province at the centre of Aimilia's five, being the only province not to border another country; the city doubles as the capital of its province. It is located on the Badaksagaz River, and with a population of 1 million, it is a middle-sized city.

While a settlement existed at the location prior, it was founded as the national capital at the establishment of the Aimilian Republic after the Great War, with the territory of its province carved out of the other four provinces, and the capital near the former quadripoint of the four provinces. As the seat of the country, it rapidly grew, and continues to grow at a faster rate, on average, than the other provincial capitals of Aimilia. The city was a notable venue for the July Spring protests of 2019.

Its population is predominantly Aimilian speaking, but most immigrants to Aimilia live in the city, often people from the Euclean Community or Swetania as well as from further afield, such as Bahia. Its climate is fairly temperate all year round, with occasional snows or heatwaves. The main economic activities include heavy and light manufacturing, professional services and food processing. The city has a lower unemployment rate and a higher GDP per capita than the rest of the country, but nonetheless has had similar economic problems to the rest of the country; while sex work tended to be located in provincial capitals, recently activity is increasingly moving into the capital. The city is also the capital of the growing domestic music industry.

Notable public locations include Gabazankan Square, considered the prime civic space of the country, Ultramarin Stadium, the only large stadium in the country and sponsored by Montecaran bank Bànca Ultramarìn, and Liberty Fountain, a 20th century decorative fountain often used as a pool.