Kentalian Civil war

War of the Coup
(Kentalian Civil War)
Kentalian soldiers attack a Stratocracy-held hill
Date11 June 1951 - 4 January 1964
(12 years, 6 months and 24 days)
Result Coup defeated
Amarnan Republic defeated and annexed into Kentalis
Ereskan state defeated
Kentalis Flag.png Kentalian Government
Bisveniflag.png Bisveni Republic
Shanghou Flag.png Shanghou Pact (From 1960)
 Riamo(From 1962)
Kentalis Flag.png Stratocracy of Kentalis
 Riamo(Untill 1960)
 Ereska Amarnaflag.png Republic of Amarna (From 1960)
 Krenya (political support)
550,000 troops 650,000 troops 230,000 troops 500,000 troops
Casualties and losses
~50,000 killed ~100,000 killed ~25,000 killed ~40,000 killed