Lauchenoirian Capitalism Referendum, 2017

A referendum on whether or not to introduce a capitalist economic system and end Lauchenoirian communism was held in the Federation of Lauchenoiria on the 26th August 2017. The referendum question asked specifically about amending the 1959 Lauchenoirian Constitution to remove the clause prohibiting private business. Those in favour of the amendment won, with 13,075,052 (62.3%) of votes, while there was 7,912,112 (37.7%) against. Turnout was 79.8%, slightly higher than the previous Presidential election.

The referendum was announced following the victory of the Liberal Party of Lauchenoiria in the 2014 Federal Parliament Election, as the main campaign promise of that party. This shock election victory ended 62 years of Communist rule.

Supporters of communism in Lauchenoiria have alleged that the referendum was rigged in favour of capitalism, with prominent advocates of this theory including Charissa Clarke, the Anarcho-Communist Collective of Lauchenoiria and before his death, Suleman Chaher. No evidence to support this theory has been found.

Yes votes = 13,075,052 (62.3%)

No votes = 7,912,112 (37.7%)

Total valid votes = 20,987,164

Spoilt ballots = 4,784 (0.0002%)

Total votes = 20,991,148