Leanna Walker

Leanna Walker
Picture of blonde woman with short hair wearing glasses
Leanna Walker
President of Lauchenoiria
In office
10 June 2015 – 05 June 2018
Prime MinisterLaura Moore
Vice PresidentKieran MacKenzie
Preceded byMarta Lopez
Succeeded byKieran MacKenzie
Member of Parliament
In office
10 September 2006 – 01 September 2014
Member of Yervian Parliament
In office
4 January 1994 – 3 August 2006
ConstituencyTrenby and Lottera
Personal details
Born(1960-11-24)November 24, 1960
Usera, Lauchenoiria
DiedJuly 27, 2018(2018-07-27) (aged 57)
Cause of deathExecution
Political partyLiberal Party
MotherLayla Walker
FatherBenjamin Walker
Alma materButtercity University

Leanna Walker (born November 24th, 1960) was President of Lauchenoiria from 10th June 2015 where she served until a vote of impeachment removed her from office on the 5th June 2018. Leanna Walker was a member of the Liberal Party.

She studied International Relations at Buttercity University, graduating in 1984, and went on to work for the Department for International Trade. She was a Member of the Yervian Parliament for the Trenby and Lottera constituency from 1994 until 2006, and a Member of the Federal Parliament for Mid-Yervia from 2006-2015.

Walker did not run for re-election to Parliament in 2014, instead announcing her presidential bid. Her initial choice for vice-president, Nicholas Drysdale, dropped out following the death of his wife, and Kieran MacKenzie became her running mate. In June 2015, she was elected President with a narrow majority.

Early Life and Education

Leanna Walker was born in Usera, Yervia Province to Benjamin and Layla Walker. Her brother, Edmund, was born one year later. He now resides in Laeral with his wife. Her father was a pilot, and her mother a writer who worked from home.

Walker was home educated until the age of 10, when she began to attend Mariposa Academy, a boarding school ten miles south of Usera, when her mother fell ill. Walker has since cited her experiences at Mariposa Academy as why she is such a strong opponent of the existence of boarding schools.

In 1980, after working as a hotel receptionist on Butterfly Island for two years, Walker attended Buttercity University where she graduated with a First Class degree in International Relations. While at university, Walker was involved with student groups opposed to the communist government, and organised several demonstrations calling for the legalisation of capitalist political parties.

Early Career

Following graduation, Walker was employed by the Department for International Trade, where she worked for a decade, before leaving after the legalisation of openly capitalist parties. She joined the Liberal Party shortly after its creation in 1993, and was soon after elected as a Member of the Yervian Parliament for Trenby and Lottera, a rural constituency.

While in the Yervian Parliament, Walker was a strong proponent of allowing farmers to trade directly with foreign entities. She sponsored a bill which would have allowed farmers to sell their products directly to foreign companies rather than to the government trade department. The legislation was passed by the parliament, but struck down by the Supreme Court as it violated federal restrictions.

She remained in the Yervian Parliament until 2006 when she was elected to the Federal Parliament for the Mid-Yervia constituency (which included Trenby and Lottera). She again pushed for direct trading between producers of goods and foreign companies, however the communist government did not support her attempts. In 2010, when the Liberal Party became the main opposition, she became her party's International Trade spokesperson.

In 2014, she did not run for re-election, and instead began her presidential campaign. She was elected president on the 2nd June 2015.

President of Lauchenoiria

Leanna Walker was elected following a surge of support for the Liberal Party that led to them becoming the largest parliamentary party a year earlier. Her main platform was in supporting the capitalism referendum which was held in August 2017. Interestingly, she also supported trying to relieve tensions with Kerlile which had been building up for years. This was not a usual Liberal platform.

As President, Walker became a strong supporter of environmental policy, calling on Parliament to develop stronger regulations for the energy industry, and to take measures to reduce waste. She remained a supporter of farmers, and signed into law legislation that finally permitted direct trade.

She took an active role in foreign affairs, calling for Lauchenoiria to strengthen ties with other IDU states and take action abroad rather than continuing with the passive policies of her predecessors. She encouraged provinces to develop school exchange programs with other nations (education is devolved).

She remained notably silent on the issue of Kerlian refugees, but repeatedly called for the government to improve relations with Kerlile. She did not specify whether this would include discussion of returning Kerlian citizens. As such, most Kerlian citizens in Lauchenoiria did not support Walker.

Impeachment & Exile

In May 2018, Walker was on a diplomatic tour visiting various nations in the IDU when a vote of no confidence in Laura Moore passed. Citing safety concerns, Walker did not return to Lauchenoiria, instead heading to Laeral. Several days later, she publicly denounced Suleman Chaher's actions as an illegal coup d'état and refused to recognise his government.

Chaher then alleged that Walker was working for Skoden in trying to undermine Lauchenoiria. No evidence for this claim was given, though it formed the basis of the impeachment proceedings against Walker. Parliament passed the articles of impeachment on Tuesday 5th June 2018, by 69 votes for to 34 against, with 17 abstentions (including imprisoned MPs).

Walker remained in Laeral in exile for an unspecified amount of time, before returning covertly to Lauchenoiria. She was arrested on the 1st July 2018 in Buttercity for allegedly attempting to assassinate Suleman Chaher. After Chaher's death on the 25th July, she was executed.

Personal Life

Walker had no partner or children. Her hobbies included photography, reading fiction and tennis. While a MP, she regularly attended the theatre and starred in several amateur drama productions with a local group in Usera.