League of Equalist Unity (Amathia)

League of Equalist Unity

Ⰾⰹⰳⰰ Ⱆⱀⰹⱅⰰⱅⰹⰹ Ⰵⰳⰰⰾⰹⱄⱅⰵ
Liga Unității Egaliste
FoundedAugust 23, 1936 (1936-08-23)
DissolvedDecember 30, 1980 (1980-12-30)
Succeeded byLeague of Equalists and Democrats
Movement of the Equalist Alternative
Faith and Equality
Big tent
 • National Equalism
 • Socialism
 • Republicanism
 • Secularism
 • Non-internationalism
 • Sotirian Equalism
 • Sotirian socialism
 • Agrarian socialism
 • Cooperatism
 • Paternalistic conservatism
 • Internationalism
Political positionFar left to Center-left
Colors     Crimson
SloganⰔⰵⱃⰲⰹⱀⰴ Ⱂⱁⱂⱁⱃⱆⰾ!
Servind Poporul!

Serving the People!

The League of Equalist Unity (Amathian: Ⰾⰹⰳⰰ Ⱆⱀⰹⱅⰰⱅⰹⰹ Ⰵⰳⰰⰾⰹⱄⱅⰵ, tr. Liga Unității Egaliste), abbreviated as the L.U.E. (Ⰾ.Ⱆ.Ⰵ.), often known simply as the Equalist League (Ⰾⰹⰳⰰ Ⰵⰳⰰⰾⰹⱄⱅⱐ, tr. Liga Egalistă) was the governing left-wing alliance of Amathia from 1940 to 1981.