Leve-Twa, Leve-Twa (film)

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Leve-Twa, Leve-Twa
Leve-Twa poster.png
The movie poster for Leve-Twa, Leve-Twa
Directed byRuth Milord
Written byEdna Blaise, Nwabisa Marcelin
Screenplay bySamson Alphonse, Marie Esther Henry
Story byNwabisa Marcelin, Shella Clervil
Based ontrue story of Nwabisa Marcelin's survival during the Great Suffering
Produced byNwabisa Marcelin, Vivienne Manaudou
  • Rose Baptiste
  • Julien Thomas
  • Farah Janvier
  • Robert Guerrier
  • Paul Millet
CinematographyJean Junior Saint Louis
Music byHarry Alfred, Robin Gautier (songs used in film)
Release dates
24 October 2022 (Montecara Film Fest); 4 November 2022 (International Release)
Running time
97 minutes
Country Île d'Émeraude
LanguagesEmeraudian Creole, Gaullican

Get Up, Stand Up (Emeraudian Creole: Leve-Twa, Leve-Twa) (Gaullican: Lève-toi, Lève-toi) is a 2022 Emeraudian historical drama that was filmed and released in the year 2022. It was directed by Ruth Milord, produced by Nwabisa Marcelin and Vivienne Manaudou, and written by Nwabisa Marcelin and Edna Blaise. The film is based on the true events of the 1984 Attacks against Mufastis, also known among followers of the Mufasti faith as the Great Suffering, which occured in the aftermath of randé musician and Mufasti icon Robin Gautier's death, and follows a young Nwabisa Lucien (later Marcelin) and her parents as they navigate through the period. While her parents wanted to flee their home to find a safe space, the young Nwabisa is determined to stand her ground against the attackers, and motivates the rest of her Mufasti community to do so. The film is set to premiere at the 83rd Montecara Film Festival on October 24, 2022, and will be internationally released on November 4, 2022.

Plot Summary