83rd Montecara Film Festival

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83rd Montecara Film Festival
Official poster for the 2022 Festival
Official poster for the 2022 Festival
LocationÇinematèca di Stado, Montecara
AwardsBéco aùreoIserajta
Special Jury Prize – Wislas a lewa (We are fighting to live)
Festival date23 – 30 October 2022
Montecara Film Festival chronology

The 83rd Montecara Film Festival took place from 23 to 30 October 2022. Twenty films were included in the official selection, with the entry from Aucuria, Iserajta, winning the Béco aùreo. Wislas a lewa (We are fighting to live) from Imagua and the Assimas was awarded a Special Jury Prize.


Official selection

Highlighted title indicates Béco aùreo winner.
Title Original title Country of origin Synopsis
The Missionary In Blue O Missionário em Azul  Ardesia Set in the mid-16th century, an Etrurian missionary journies towards and through the ending of a pre-Bastine Ardesia to spread faith and establish a church, though quickly struggles from the poor human and natural condition, including the conflicting motives of his conquistador guides.
Iserajta Iserajta  Aucuria A white-collar employee of a mining conglomerate, sent to secure the arrangements for resource exploration in a village in the Aucurian rainforest, finds himself ensnared in a web of conflicting feelings, buried pasts, and supernatural horror; loosely inspired by the 19th-century opera of the same name.
Stories from Haadland Jeśehten fân Haadland  Azmara An anthology theme consisting of five stories revolving around the lives of young people in the "outer Azmaran" province of Haadland and exploring themes of social deprivation, alienation and integration and concepts such as LGBTQ, Azmaran and working-class identity.
Down the River Nedströms Blostland A Tsabara immigrant to Blostland struggles with his new life in a simultaneously strange and beautiful foreign land. Through the allegory of a river the immigrant learns that there's always a way to live happily though a chaotic life.
Good Friends Goode freunder Borland (Kylaris) Borland After two young men convince their friend that they have killed someone and need his help to hide the body, what was meant as a joke escalates as their friend kills an eyewitness. As the three of them try to keep their involvement hidden, more than one sacrifice has to be made.
Son of Man Fils de l'Homme  Dezevau The Passion of Jesus is loosely adapted to the modern day and stripped of its divinity, with Jesus being a mentally ill person who struggles with his supportive personal relationships and living in a society, and who ultimately provokes the police into killing him.
Tektonik Tektonik  Eldmark A biographical film following the life of first female neurosurgeon to practice medicine in Eldmark, Dr. Elise Nordin. Detailing the life of a misunderstood, underestimated woman, the biography culminates in the infamous Eldmarsk Medical Licensure Commission v. Nordin case, which threatened to dismantle her livelihood and her relationship with her life partner, Mariana.
Cherry Cherry  Estmere A young man is visited by a woman from the future, who reveals herself to be his future self. Together, they discuss their life and grapple with self-hatred and gender dysphoria. Based on a short story of the same name.
The Flickering Flame La Fiamma Tremolante  Etruria Set in 1483, the trials and tribulations of the town of Casperia during the Solarian Inquisition are explored through the eyes of its leading family, the Inquisitor-Priest and the townsfolk of the once peaceful idyll. As religious zeal, hysteria and paranoia grip the mountain-top town, relationships are tested and the truth revealed.
The Box De Doos  Hennehouwe In a dystopian near-future, a young man with mental health issues becomes an unwitting participant of an exploitative and murderous reality show, which doubles as a covert government experiment into the effectiveness of deep fakes and AI technology.
Get Up, Stand Up Leve-Twa, Leve-Twa  Île d'Émeraude A young girl by the name of Nwabisa Lucien, the child of two Mufastis, sees her community attacked by a group of reactionary Catholic militiamen in the wake of Robin Gautier's 1984 death. While her parents, and most of the community, expresses the wish to flee the neighborhood for their own safety, Nwabisa wants to stand her ground, and eventually motivates the community to do the same. Based on the true story of Nwabisa Marcelin.
We are fighting to live Wislas a lewa  Imagua and the Assimas A young mother finds out that she is being evicted from her apartment building in Cuanstad, and finds out from her neighbours that they are being evicted so that their landlord can turn it into a hotel whose rooms can be listed on a foreign short-term lodging company. They decide to fight back against their landlord.
Chintanakan Chintanakan  Lavana A fantasy film it tells the story of Nanphutin, Kachai goddess of luck, and her attempts at discovering the meaning of life, along with finding true love. Its based on numerous Kachai Mythological stories.
Me and My Best Friend Eu e Minha Melhor Amiga  Paretia It follows the life of Fracisca Fraga Palmeira, ex-wife of Paretian functionalist dictator Carlito Palmeira and best friend of the infamous Queen Roberta II of Paretia. It depicts the relationship of her and the monarch and her falling out with her husband and best friend as the Great War progressed.
Extrarradio Extrarradio  Piraea Two young adults in their 20s explore love, heroin and their own sexuality in the decade of the 1990s and the heroin crisis that bursted in poor and middle class neighbourhoods of the city. A harsh picture of social contrasts on both sides of the first ring road of Alikianos and the decade of the 1990s, where democratic openness and economic liberalisation left a generation behind.
Such Beautiful Estmerish Rain Such Beautiful Estmerish Rain  Rwizikuru A Rwizi couple who live in Tabatala, but work for employers in Donston faces prejudices inherent in a murungocratic system in the interregnum between the Great Collapse and the Great War, and demand better treatment from the varungu-dominated society.
Unmanageable Uoverskuelig  Scovern A wealthy gangster and his wife struggle to contain a secret drug smuggling plot from the inquisitive residents of a rural fishing village.
In The End Ing Pungkasan  South Kabu As the world prepares for a gamma-ray burst-induced apocalypse, an amateur filmmaker and her childhood friend set out to document the final days of life on earth before placing the footage on a satellite designed to preserve information about humanity.
The North Cries The North Cries  Tiwura The film follows the stories of three people of different backgrounds as they become entangled in the events of the 1992 Gundaya Massacres. Unbeknownst to them, the three characters' stories draw closer and closer together.
I am Vlad I am Vlad  Vinalia It follows the life of Vinalian President and Minister President Vladyslava Danylivna from her exile from Vinalia following the coup that overthrew her father in 1968, to returning to South Vinalia in the 1980's and becoming its president, being instrumental in reunifying Vinalia in 1993.