List of cultural icons of Mesogeia

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This list of cultural icons of Mesogeia is a list of persons, places, and things that are considered to be cultural icons characteristic of Mesogeia.



Books and documents

Buildings and structures

Customs and traditions

Dress and fashion


Emblems and symbols

Festivals, holidays

  • Apokreas festival which is celebrated on a movable date just before Lent, known as Mesogeian carnival (mid to late February, Early to mid March)
  • Akroplitine Games is a 16 day festival, during which the emperor's official birthdayi is celebrated.
  • Bota Publica, which corresponds to the Western date of January 3, during which time toasts are given to the health of the empire and the emperor receives delegations.
  • Cristougenna, celebrated on December 25. This date is marked by thanksgiving and feasting in the house among family, and a church mass.
  • Dies Natalis celebrated on May 11, marks the founding of the city of Alexandropolis.
  • Easter, which is celebrated on a movable date, is the most extravagant and sacred of religious festivals in the country, marking the resurrection of the Messiah.
  • Kronosalia celebrated from December 17 to December 24, is a seven day festival, held in honor of the winter solstice. It is the time of much merriment and celebration.
  • Larentalia, celebrated on December 23, observes the honoring of the Lares, domestic genii, household guardians.
  • Lemuralia, which is celebrated on May 13, celebrated with people dressing in costumes to ward off the lumeres (evil spirits), heavily commercialized.
  • Matronalia, which is celebrated on March 1, is regarded as mother’s day in Mesogeia.
  • Mehregan, celebrated on October 1st it marks the autumn festival
  • Nemoralia; celebrated from August 13 to August 15; corresponds to the festival of torches in the old faith and culminates in the feast of the Assumption
  • Nowruz, celebrated on March 20, marks the spring equinox and the new year in the old calendar.
  • Parentalia, is a festival lasting from Febuary 13 to Febuary 21, which marks the memory and past deeds of the family ancestors. The father is celebrated on the first day.
  • Public holidays in Mesogeia
  • St Basil's Day which is celebrated on January 1 is the day of Christmastide where gifts are typically given out by St Basil.
  • Theophania, or the Feat of Theophany is celebrated on January 6, and marks the revelation of the Messiah.
  • Troianian Games, celebrated from September 4 to September 19, is an annual festival in which games are held throughout the empire
  • Veneralia, which is celebrated on July 6, originated from the ancient Festival of love. Commercially marketed.
  • Vestalia which lasts from June 5 to June 15, is a festival honoring the sacred flames and the hearth.

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