List of political parties in Eldmark

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This article lists political parties in Eldmark.

Parties with federal representation

Party logo Party name Leader Status Seats in the Riksdag Ideology
Working People's Party
Enoch "Eno" Ahaloke
In Government
108 / 348
Democratic socialism
Social democracy
The Arbeterfolksparti, translated as the Working People's Party, is one of the oldest parties in Eldmark, second only to the Eldmark National Party. Initially founded as a progressive trade unionist party, it has routinely advocated for increased social services, more worker protections, civil rights, and nationalisation of many industries. While commonly the opposition, the AFP has seen its share of power, namely in the period after the Great War. Among their greatest achievements include the establishment of the Ayohli State, nationalisation of rail transport, and the 40 hour work week in Eldmark, along with various worker safety programs. After the removal of Nils Moller from position of party leader by more radical elements of the party, various centrists crossed the bench to form Liberal Will, though they have begun to regain support. After the 2021 Election, Nils Moller's return as head of Reformblock has enabled the centre-left to a majority in the Riksdag.
Reform Block
Miodrag Arturo Marinovic Solo de Zaldívar.jpg
Nils Moller
In Government
69 / 348
Electoral reform
Social liberalism
Reform Block was for many years a liberal party, navigating the churning tides of Eldmarsk politics, often becoming kingmaker in the various rows that would arise between the AFP and the NP. Then, in 2000, they joined the Liberal Movement, forming Liberal Will, cementing power and strongarming the National Party to accept a more socially liberal stance. During that time, the Reform Block, being the leftmost member of Liberal Will, enjoyed the passing of social reforms, but were the first to point out injustices in the Rehn Administration. In 2010, former AFP member Nils Moller joined LV and became the leader of the often underheard section of the coalition party. After the appointment of Tyra Brahe, several unabated attempts by the NP to scale back social reforms, and the roughshod recovery from the Pico de Sangue eruption, Moller and the leftmost party members fled from LV, taking over half its seats, and crossed to the AFP just before the 2021 election.
National Party
Nationellt Parti
Evelyn-Matthei 1 (cropped).jpg
Tyra Brahe
In Opposition
82 / 348
Eldmarsk nationalism
Social conservatism
The oldest active party in Eldmarsk politics, the NP sits in the right wing of the political spectrum and has of recent history enjoyed a 20 year majority in the Riksdag and an overall domination of the national agenda, at least until 2021. Promoting socially conservative ideals along with free-market ideals, its primary opposition during the Rehn Administration has been elements of the right wing itself, objecting to the socially lax standards of his coalition with Liberal Will, the opposition forming the Alliance, also known as Förbund, as well as the now-dominant centre-left coalition from the AFP and the Reformblock. They now form the head of a dysfunctional opposition movement, involving the NP, Förbund, and Liberal Will.
Ralph Reed by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Ivar Eksköld
In Opposition
41 / 348
Paternalistic conservatism
Eldmarsk nationalism
Right-wing populism
Förbund, also known as The Alliance, or The Alliance of Populist Eldmarsk Voices, was founded by Ivar Eksköld in 2011, as a response to the NP's socially lax policies during the Rehn era. Eksköld, a televangelist and political contributer for Världens Idag, a right wing news site, forged the right wing populist party from various elements of other parties, such as the NP, the former Freedom Coalition, the Gospelist Defense League, and the Dominion Movement, growing it into a small but vicious minor party that continues to make headlines, leading many to suspect their imminent growth, membership nearly doubling from 2016 to 2021.
Liberal Will
Liberala Vilja
Eduardo Frei Chiledebate.jpg
Matteo Nyholm
In Opposition
38 / 348
Classical liberalism
Social liberalism
Liberal Will was formed via the mergers of the former parties Liberal Movement and Reform Bloc, along with former members of the Mollerite wing of the Working People's Party, causing them to become a major force overnight. In the 2015 elections, their socially liberal platform gained them an upper hand, flipping many NP districts, forcing them into a position as a junior party in government. Because of this, many liberal policies have become law, including legalizing same-sex marriage and abortion to the second trimester, further leading to accusations that the NP had betrayed their base, which culminated into the rise of the Alliance. After the appointment of Tyra Brahe, the botched response to the Pico de Sangue eruption, and repeated accounts of corruption by the establishment, the coalition split into two, with the reborn Reformblock forming a coalition government with the AFP instead; however, LV has so far kept its name.
Eldmarsk Section of the Worker's Internationale
Eldmarsk Sektionen av Arbetarinternationalen
Jorge Abbott (cropped).jpg
Joahchim Okbrand
In Opposition
4 / 348
Agrarian Socialism
Council Communism
Trade unionism
The Eldmarsk Section of the Worker's Internationale initially began as a section of the AFP that was banned shortly after the Great War after the Red Surge in various elements of the Asterias. While officially banned, the ESA rebranded as the Republican Party, running primarily a single-issue platform of anti-monarchism. While technically allowed to continue under the new ideology, the Republicans would be routinely surveilled and persecuted, before the Political Freedom Act of 1987, which loosened such restrictions, though were still disbarred from running as a section of the Worker's Internationale until 2015. The party has been a vocal opposing voice in several wars, citing the Eldmarsk government as "actively engaging in imperialism and apartheidism." While vastly unpopular, their two seats have come about as a result of growing support from the Ayohli state, and among college campuses, for their platform of reparations for Bahian and Native Asterian peoples.
File:Itzel Kamsal.jpg
Adsila Gola (ᎠᏥᎳᏍ ᎪᎳ)
3 / 348
Indigenous civil rights
Cultural conservatism
The Gahodi is less a party and more an indigenous council that has a guaranteed seat in the Riksdag, though is more interested in regional affairs in the Ayohli State. In the past, the party has had more, though most of the Ayohli State tends to vote AFP today. The name, meaning soil, signifies the party's intentions, to preserve cultural autonomy for the Ayohli people, to preserve tribal ownership of land, and continue to vy for future political control of their own affairs. While conservative in that regard, the Gahodi has been increasingly accepting of issues deemed liberal for the white majority of Eldmark, such as LGBT+ rights and abortion. The Gahodi also advocates for a wider cooperation among all Native Asterian peoples.
World's Coalition
Världens Koalition
Maya Fernández 2022.jpg
Maddie Sundström
3 / 348
Green politics
The World's Coalition was founded after the 1985 Stalkulle Earthquake caused a rupture of a gas pipeline, which remains the largest environmental disaster in Eldmarsk history. Founded as an anti-nuclear, anti-fossil fuel party, the VK has advocated for a robust environmental policy to end reliance on non-renewable energy and punitive taxation on all pollutant-heavy industries. Largely made irrelevant by the AFP's adoption of a green energy plan, VK has since still gained in membership, largely on the grounds of those who feel the AFP's decision to increase state investment in green energy as "too little, too late."