List of political parties in Loulan

This article lists political parties in Loulan.

Loulan has a multi-party system with two or three strong parties and three or four significant parties at a given time. The government typically consists of several parties and a small number of supporting parties. No party has ever won an outright majority since Independence in 1992. All governments have either been one-party minority governments or coalitions between two or more parties.

The Ministry of Social Affairs registers and validates party names and the official party acronyms for all parties that participate in national elections. On ballots, the parties are sorted alphabetically by party acronym.

Parties represented in the Parliament

Party symbol Party name Representation
after the 2018 parliamentary elections
Position and associated ideologies
Pdp loulan.png Progressive Democratic Party
حزب مترقی دموکرات
46 Centre to Centre-Left
Tokhari nationalism; Nationalist Integrationism; Progressivism; Feminism; Liberalism; Social Democracy

The Progressive Democratic Party (حزب مترقی دموکرات hezb-e motarqi-ye demokrât; 進步民主黨 jìnbù mínzhǔ dǎng) is a liberal political party in Loulan. The party is traditionally associated with strong advocacy of human rights and a historical opposition to communism, as well as promotion of the Tokhari identity via the advocacy for the use of the Tokhari language in everyday public life.

The PDP is a longstanding member of Liberal International. The party and its affiliated organisations are widely classified as socially liberal because of their strong support for human rights, including strong support for gender equality, but they also advocate economic liberalism and a nationalistic Tokhari identity. The PDP also pursues an overwhelmingly pro-Western foreign policy.

The party has been fronted since 2015 by Bhadra Kolite, former governor of Korla Prefecture and current MP for Lopnor County.

National party loulan.png National Party
حزب ملت
20 Right
Tokhari nationalism; National Conservatism; Right-Wing Populism

The National Party (حزب ملت hezb-e mellat; 民族黨 mínzú dǎng) is a conservative political party in Loulan. It is notable for its claim to being the oldest contemporary political faction in Loulan.

The National Party was founded as a Loulan nationalist separatist movement within the People's Republic of China. The party's guiding ideology is that of Tokhari nationalism, with strong anti-immigrant and particularly strong anti-Chinese sentiments, maintaining a philosophy of Loulan First. The NP strongly opposes communism and socialism in all forms. Controversially, the party has no strong public stance on issues of feminism and gender equality, and many of its prominent members are outspoken chauvinists and traditionalists.

The National Party has been headed since 2010 by Farzâd Kunlemen, MP representing Toksun County.

Democratic party loulan.png Democratic Party
حزب دموکرات
38 Centre to Centre-Right
Conservative Liberalism; Nationalist Integrationism; Agrarianism; Liberal Conservatism; Economic Liberalism

The Democratic Party (حزب دموکرات hezb-e demokrât; 民主黨 mínzhǔ dǎng) is a conservative-liberal and agrarian political party in Loulan. It is the major party of the centre-right and the third largest party by membership in the country.

The Democratic Party is categorised as centre-right on the political spectrum, as it is a market liberal party within the agrarian tradition, and today is notably more pro-free market than its counterparts. Some describe it as a classical liberal, since its leader from 1998 to 2005, Fardîn Roshani, is known for his authorship of the book The Minimum State. The party currently supports the enactment of a so-called tax stop in order to halt the growth in taxation which has been seen since the early 2000s. Democratic Party policy commonly falls under fire from parties on the left wing of Loulanese politics, allegedly being asocial and only for the wealthy.

The party has been headed since 2009 by Siddhartha Liyâw, junior MP representing Tengri-Tâgh District, Urabo.

Labour party loulan.png Labour Party
حزب دموکرات
32 Centre-Left
Social Democracy; Democratic Socialism; Social Justice; Progressivism

The Labour Party (حزب رنجبران hezb-e ranjbarân "Party of Labourers"; 民主黨 gōng dǎng) is a centre-left political party in Loulan which has been described as an alliance of social democrats, democratic socialists, and trade unionists. The party's platform emphasises greater state intervention, social justice, and strengthening workers' rights.

The Labour Party's manifesto states that the Loulan Labour Party is "a democratic socialist party and has the objective of democratic socialisation of industry, production, distribution and exchange, to the extent necessary to eliminate exploitation and other antisocial features in these fields". The Party's manifesto goes on to state the further objectives of "maintenance of and support for a competitive nonmonopolistic private sector" and "the right to own private property".

The Labour Party has since 2017 been fronted by chairwoman Dr. Padme Dehqâni, MP representing Qorghas within Ili Prefecture and assistant professor of political sciences at Sanji University.

Communist loulan.png Communist Party
حزب کمونیستی
18 Left
Internationalism; Marx-Leninism; Socialism with Sinitic Characteristics; Communism

The Communist Party (حزب کمونیستی hezb-e kommunisti; 共產黨 gòngchǎn dǎng) is a communist political party in Loulan.

The CP is officially organised on the basis of democratic centralism, a principle conceived by Russian Marxist theoretician Vladimir Lenin which entails democratic and open discussion on policy on the condition of unity in upholding the agreed-upon policies. While analysts outside of the Sinosphere generally agree that Loulan's Communist Party has rejected orthodox Marxism-Leninism or, at least, some of the basic principles within orthodox thinking, the CP disagrees with this analysis, and is reaffirmed by the Communist Party of China, to which the CP bears a great resemblance in policy and ideology. The party's platform is often described as Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.

The current chairman of the Communist Party is Murâd Ambâra, Senior MP representing the city of Kashgar. He is currently the only Muslim chairperson of a major party in Loulan.

Han party.png Han People's Party
حزب قوم هان
14 Centre to Centre-Right
Chinese minority interests; Regionalism; Liberal Conservativism; Conservative Liberalism; Chinese nationalism

The Han People's Party (حزب قوم هان hezb-e qawm-e hân; 漢人黨 hànrén dǎng) is a political party in Loulan representing the Han and Hui Chinese minorities of Loulan. Officially considering itself a federation of minority interests rather than a single political party, the HPP's ideologies and doctrines are neither unified nor sweeping in their nature.

As an ethnic minority organisation representing Chinese Loulanis, the Han People's Party above all else concerns itself with Chinese minority rights, including cultural and linguistic autonomy and welfare. The most important objectives of the party are the preservation and development of the of the Chinese community in Loulan, the achievement of the different types of autonomy (cultural autonomy for the smaller and most vulnerable communities, and territorial autonomy and self determination for those living in Chinese-majority regions), and the use of Chinese in all segments of private and public life, education, and administration in Chinese-majority areas.

Since 2012, the party chairman has been Huáng Xiùyīng (rendered as شوینگ هوانگ Shuying Hwâng in Tokhari orthography/name order), senior MP representing Tengri-Tâgh District, Urabo.

Parties without parliamentary representation

Defunct parties