Lord Kjarh-djeng

The Hon. Lord Kjalh-djeng PC OA (Shinasthana: 建成君, kjalh-djeng-kljul; Jul. 5, 1757 – Oct. 3, 1824) was a Themiclesian bureaucrat, military officer, and politician. He was Prime Minister of Themiclesia between 1814 and 1817, succeeding the Lord of Gar-lang as President of Correspondence.

Irridentalist suppression

In November 1815, pamphlets were printed in Kien-k'ang criticizing the government for not doing anything to redeem Sngrak, which was ceded to Hallia under the Treaty of Kien-k'ang. Lord Kjalh-djeng summoned high-ranking ministers to the Court Hall to discuss the proper response. It was agreed that the government may not renege on its commitments to the treaty. The pamphlet was not officially censored, but several other pamphlets arguing that the costs of war were prohibitive were published by government ministers. While Emperor ′ei believed, when he heard the deliberations, that the government could capitalize on public emotions, it told him that "the rabble-rousers" represent a very minor opinion that had little economic backing. Conservative leader Lord of Mjenh-lang spoke dismissively that "the public are forgetful of the terrible suffering of the war in but a single generation" and "easily manipulated by deviants".

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