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Official seal of Makedon
Land of Pride
Imperial Realm
The Highland
“Glory, order, power.”
 • BodyRealm Senate
 • ViceroyZorica Malchankova
 • Total49,056,120

Makedon is a geographic and administrative region of Syara. The wealthiest and most popualted of Syara's four Realms with a total of 49 million inhabitants, Makedon is more rugged and hilly than the rest of Syara leading to it being known as the Syaran Highlands. Most of Makedon's urban areas are concentrated along the Desopya Coastal Plain or the Realm's many rivers. Makedon is home to Syara's largest mountain, Mount Xena, near Syara's capital and largest city Zovahr.

Modern Makedon occupies roughly the same territory as ancient Makedon, founded in 556 BCE, which formed the epicenter of the Makedonian Empire. Makedon served as the cultural, political, and economic center of the Empire during it's existence. Following the Fall of the Makedonian Empire Makedon remained the de facto dominant power, although it's cultural and social influences steadily faded during the reign of the Arkoennite Empire. Following the collapse of the Arkoennites Makedon emerged independent as the Kingdom of Makedon in 1715, which quickly established itself as the primary power in post-Arkoenn Syara. Makedon continued to modernize and served as the center of Syara's industrial revolution, becoming a major power in northern Siduri and a counterbalance to neighboring Ruvelka. Makedon's victory over the Ruvelkan Socialist Republic in the Ruvelkan-Makedonian War directly contributed to the Unification of Syara in 1875, which resulted in the establishment of the Republic of Syara. Makedon played a major role in the political sphere of the Republic, serving as a major source of Syaran nationalism. Makedon was invaded during the Divide War in what became known as the Desopya Campaign; despite the devastation brought by the war Makedon benefited from the post war economic expansion and growth. Rising Syaran nationalism ultimately contributed to the Siduri War, which Syara lost. The defeat and subsequent Broken Years deeply impacted Makedon, and the rising Warden movement explicitly targeted the Makedonian Royal Family. Makedon remained the heartland of Syaran conservatism and Monarchist sentiments during the Refusal War. Following the defeat of the Royalists Makedon and the rest of Syara was incorporated into the Commonality.

Makedon remains an important economic center for Syara. It is home to most of Syara's extensive service and high-tech industries, as well as a major source of manufacturing and tourism. Politically the Realm remains a hotbed of conservative and regionalism support, having been dominated by the Syaran Federalist Party for most of the post-Refusal War era.