Marion Maréchal-Le Men

Marion Maréchal-Le Men, the first woman to be elected Yohannesian Emperor.png
Marion, the first woman to be elected Yohannesian Emperor
Yohannesian Emperor
Assumed office
20 January 2018
ChancellorAnnabelle Thorndon-Stevensonn
DeputySansa Lovebright, Queen of Burmecia
Preceded byGarnet Til Alexandros, Queen of Alexandria
President of the Electoral College
Assumed office
20 January 2018
Preceded byGarnet Til Alexandros, Queen of Alexandria
Leader of the GOP Alliance
Assumed office
1 November 2017
DeputySaul Ryan
Preceded byJeremy Robyn
Parliamentary groupFreedom Caucus
ConstituencyHufflepuff (later Clarenduff)
Majority12,907 (15.3%)
Personal details
Marion Jeanne Maréchal-Le Men

(1984-05-17) May 17, 1984 (age 35)
Greater Treno Regional Hospital, Treno, Yohannes
Political partyYohannes First Party

Marion (born 17 May, 1984) is the Yohannesian Emperor and President of the Electoral College. A Yohannesian politician and solicitor, she has served as the 18th head of state of the Nineteen Countries since 20 January 2018, according to the Rule of Law. She has also been the Leader of the GOP political alliance and Yohannes First Party since her resignation from the Christian Democratic Party over "minor disagreements on policy" in 2015.[1]

Born in Treno before moving to Royal Alexandria when she was a child, Marion attended the University of Yohannes and graduated in 2004 with a Conjoint Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws (BA/LLB). She began a career in the legal sector in Yohannes before moving overseas to work for the Yohannesian Embassy Argentinstan City,[2] in which she became chargé d'affaires in 2006, a position which would introduce her to influential Yohannesian diplomats and politicians over the next two years. In 2008 she was appointed team leader of the Macroeconomic Research and Advisory Committee of the Bank of Yohannes until leaving in 2010 to join the Christian Democratic Party.[3]

Marion entered Parliament representing the Bible Belt electorate of Hufflepuff (later renamed Clarenduff) as one of the few Christian Democratic members of Parliament in the socially conservative southern electorates of Burmecia.[4] In June 2014, she was appointed chair of the Ethnic Diversity Select Committee and eventually the Parliamentary Select Committee on Ways and Means in March 2015. After criticising her own party’s economic, fiscal and immigration policies, she was dismissed from this post in June 2015. She subsequently joined the newly-formed Grand Coalition of Social Democrats and Yohannes First (GOP) at the invitation of the Chairman of the Grand Coalition Committee Nicolas Powell and Speaker of the Realm Parliament Saul Ryan.

Marion led her coalition of parties to victory at the January 2018 presidential election. Despite a resurgent liberal movement under the reinvigorated Green Party, the GOP went on to win the December 2018 parliamentary election under her leadership.[5]

Early life

Marion Jeanne Maréchal-Le Men was born 17 May 1984 at Greater Treno Regional Hospital, to Felix Maréchal (1932-2017) and Hermione Le Men (1949-2017). Her father was a naval officer and veteran of the Setyoutomo Bush War, a 12-week civil conflict in 1964 over Yohannesian coastal investments and trading outposts in the Republic of Setyoutomo. She is the older sister of classical pianist Claude Weiß and jazz violinist Emma Jin Kyong. Together, they were raised to be devout Protestants by their mother, a Russian Mennonite immigrant.

Marion was raised in the central Treno suburb of Freishafen. She recalled her childhood experience in Election Yohannes 2018 Special Coverage, telling then-candidate Abdullahi Lindström: "When I was a child growing up in the heart of Noble Treno, there were Khataiy, Souriya Al-Assad, and other Middle Eastern refugees taken in by the Nineteen Countries. We grew up on the same street. We want to have these people on the continent of Yohannes—our church and other local youth group organisations pledged that they would contribute; but they also emphasised that it should be about quality. Not quantity. The Noble Republic of Treno is unique this way, it is the representative of relatively open-minded, yet controlled and responsible asylum seeking, refugee and economic migrant policy."

Marion attended the Abbess of Vilich’s Primary School, an inner-city independent co-educational school, providing education for students from pre-kindergarten to end-of-primary.


Marion continued at the Abbess of Vilich’s Primary School until Year 7, when the Maréchal-Le Men family moved to Royal Alexandria. She then spent three years at Wannsee Intermediate, a state co-educational intermediate school in the leafy upper-middle-class suburb of Little Wannsee. She went on to attend the state-integrated Little Wannsee Grammar School—widely considered to be the top Yohannesian academic secondary school, which forces its first-year students to study Latin—where she played basketball and was chosen to succeed her previous year’s mentor as the school’s 157th Prefect at Year 13 (final year of secondary school).

In 2001, Marion moved to the central Royal Alexandria suburb of Green Forest to flat with her close school friends. In her third year of studies, she attended the Sorelas Institute for the Study of Legal Affairs at Imperial College Ismalyr in Anemos Rei.[6] She finished her last year at the University of Yohannes with the aid of the Von Bismarck Scholarship, receiving an Honours law and arts degree (conjoint) in 2004.[7] After finishing her undergraduate studies, she moved to Royal Lindblum, working for the specialist litigation and dispute resolution firm Möllerstein & Associates part-time while entering Halsten University’s School of History and Political Science, taking specialised research courses in Diplomacy and International Relations for one year.


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