Maximillian III

Maximillian III
Emperor of the Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance
Reign16 August 2010 - present
Coronation16 August 2010
PredecessorMaximillian II
Duke of Paster-Rumberg
Reign16 April 2007 - present
PredecessorMaximillian II
Born16 August 1986
Brenau, Imperial City, Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance
Full name
Maximillian Franz Joseph Gaius
HouseHouse of Reginrave
FatherMaximillian II
MotherMaria Sophia of Paster-Rumburg

Maximillian Franz Joseph Gaius von Reginrave (16 August 1986) or simply Maximillian III is the current Emperor of the Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance. He succeeded his father, Maximillian II on August 16, 2010. He is also as Generalissimo Maximillian III as part of his Imperial title of being the commander of the Imperial Armed Forces of East Europa. He led the nation during the Imperial Crisis and the Eurasianna War, which would later cost him his throne and life.

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