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Republic of Mesadora

República de Mesadora
Flag of Mesadora
Official languagesSpanish, English
Recognised national languagesSpanish, English, Dulkrik
Ethnic groups
Duls, Prybourneans (various)
Lord's Beholders (72%), Dul Catholicism (26%)
Demonym(s)Mesadoran (English), Mesadorano(a) (Local)
GovernmentUnitary One-Party Republic
• President
Emmanuel Tolada
• Vice President
Tomas Delgato
LegislatureSenado Superior
Independence from Canter Republic
• Granted
October 27th 1883
72,286 km2 (27,910 sq mi)
• 2015 estimate
• Density
17.36/km2 (45.0/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
₧ $6,950,000,000
• Per capita
₧ $5,538
Driving sideright

Mesadora, officially the Republic of Mesadora (Spanish: República de la Mesadora, which literally translates to "Republic of the Golden Mesa"), is a country in Anteria bordered by Dulando to the west. The country is situated primarily in the eponymous Mesa Dorada Valley, one of the hottest regions in the world, though a small corridor allows for access to the ocean in the east. The capitol is Dedeos, which is also the country's largest city.

The name Mesadora originates from a mispronunciation of the Mesa Dorada Valley. Mesadora as a concept is relatively new, having been created in 1883 by government officials in the collapsing Canter Republic. In the waning days of the Republic, the government attempted to appease revolutionaries in what is now Dulando by granting independence to the Valley. Insulted by the small and inhospitable grant, Dul revolutionaries were instead enraged and spurred on by attempt, leading to the declaration of an independent Dulando seven years later during the breakup of the Canter Republic.

Unlike its neighbour to the east, Mesadora officially claims its government is a descendant of Canter's republican ideals. In practice, however, the country is indefinitely ruled by a single legal political party with a permanent majority in the legislature. As such, whoever the political party recognizes as its leader is effectively made the autocratic leader of the Mesadoran nation.

As of late, the government has been trending towards a more secular, globalist platform. In contrast to this, however, the Mesadoran population rejects this ideology in favor of an inward-focus on perfection and religious purity. Restorationist Christianity, primarily Lord's Beholders, is particularly popular in the region, though most denominations are tolerated by the local populace. Other faiths that cannot be lumped into the overall Christianity category are regarded as heathens, and while no lawful action can be taken against these persons, cities further inland will refuse service to and outright shun them.