Mutulese Army

Mutulese Army
Logo of the Mutulese Army
FoundedReform of 1860
Country Mutul
AllegianceDivine Kingdom

The Mutulese Army is the land combat arm of the Mutulese Armed Forces, alongside the Royal Mutulese Navy, Mutulese Air Force and the Royal Mutulese Marine Corps. As of 2018, it is a professional army staffed with 90,000 long-service personnel.


Mutul is fortunate in having no hostile neighbours sharing a continguous land border. Accordingly, the Mutulese Army is configured primarily for general territorial defence, whilst the 30,000-strong Marine Corps undertake the main strategic offensive role. It is organised around three Military Regions – Peninsular, North East and South West, as well as a Mobile Reserve.

Regional forces

The chief fighting strength of each Military Region is home to an infantry division, with one mechanised infantry, two regular light infantry and two reserve light infantry brigades. Each brigade consists of a HQ company, three rifle battalions, an artillery battalion, and a support battalion with a reconnaissance company, an engineer company, an air-defence company and a logistics company. The mechanised brigades are equipped with the VBTP combat vehicles. The light infantry brigades are usually well-trained in jungle or mountain warfare, depending on its native environment.

In addition, each military region has at its disposal two independent tank battalions, a rocket artillery group, an anti-air command, a helicopter group, an engineer brigade and a logistics command.

Each Infantry Brigade consists of approximately 4,000 personnel, with the entire Military Region disposing of some 30,000 troops.

Mobile reserve

The mobile reserve, stationed near the capital city, consists of three units.

The largest of these is the Ajawal Tupilob Division ('Royal Guards Division') . This is the only division-sized formation in the Mutulese Army configured for large-scale tank operations. It consists of three armoured brigades, each with two tank and two mechanised infantry battalions, an artillery battalion, and a support battalion with a reconnaissance company, an engineer company, an air defence company, a logistics company and a maintenance company. The full strength of this unit is 15,000 personnel.

The second is the Xik Brigade. Its organisation is similar to those of the regional infantry units. However, the brigade’s personnel are trained in parachuting and air assault operations. It is primarily intended to play a rapid reaction ‘fire brigade’ role to deal with internal contingencies, or in the alternative support the Royal Mutulese Marine Corps in an offensive operation.

The final formation is the Ahaltocob Brigade. Consisting of three battalions of commandos, it is highly skilled in unconventional warfare, counter-terrorism special reconnaissance and direct action missions.

Small unit organisation

A Mutulese infantry battalion consists of a headquarters, three rifle companies and a support company. Its total strength is roughly 700 personnel.

Rifle companies are divided into a headquarters element, three rifle platoons, an anti-tank team (with three PF-98 recoilless rifles) and a grenade launcher team (with three Type-87 automatic grenade launchers).

Each rifle platoon consists 30-men in total, divided into three squads. The squads, each commanded by an NCO serving as squad leader, consist of two fireteams of four men, centred around a light machine gun. The platoon is commanded by a junior commissioned officer, supported by a platoon sergeant and a radio operator.

The battalion's support company contains its main heavy weapons assets. Typically, it possesses a mortar platoon with eight 120mm smoothbore mortars, an ATGM platoon with twelve anti-tank missile launch posts, as well as a scout/sniper team.


Small arms

Name Image Origin Type Cartridge Details
Thunder 9 Bersa Thunder 40 Pro.jpg  Mutul Pistol 9×19mm
MP74 Pa3dm-fmk3-mod2.jpg  Mutul Sub-machinegun 9×19mm
Type-83 FARA 83.JPG  Mutul Assault rifle 5.56x45 To be relegated to reserve
FX-05 FX-05 Xiuhcoatl Fusil de asalto.JPG  Mutul Assault rifle 5.56x45 Gradually being introduced as main service weapon
HP9-1 Hp-91.png  Mutul Shotgun 12 Gauge Shotgun
T93 sniper rifle T93 sniper rifle.jpg  Mutul Sniper rile 7.62×51mm
Ultimax 100 Section Automatic Weapon.jpg  Lion's Rock Light machine gun 5.56x45
NTK-62 Japan Type 62 General Purpose Machine Gun.jpg  Tsurushima Medium Machine gun 7.62×51mm
W85 heavy machine gun TankBiathlon2016Final-11 (cropped).jpg  Mutul Heavy machine gun 12.7×108mm

Grenade-based weapons

Name Image Origin Type Details
M75 hand grenade M75 Grenade.JPG  Milostia Grenade
Type 06 rifle grenade Type 06 rifle grenade.jpg  Tsurushima Rifle grenade
Q-87 Type 87 grenade launcher 20170919.jpg  Mutul Automatic grenade launcher 35mm

Anti-tank weapons

Name Image Origin Type Details
PzF-7 Rpg-7.jpg  Liothidia Shoulder-launched anti-tank weapon Upgraded to use the PG-7VR tandem-warhead
MARA (anti-tank weapon) CITEFA Mara.jpg  Mutul Disposable shoulder-launched anti-tank weapon
Type 79 Jyu-MAT Type 79 Jyu-MAT anti-tank missile front.jpg  Tsurushima Anti-tank guided missile Main long-range anti-tank weapon of infantry forces.
Type 01 LMAT 01式軽対戦車誘導弾 (8465113148).jpg  Tsurushima Anti-tank guided missile Supplementing Type-79 in high-readiness units
PF-98 Chinese PF98 120 mm rocket launcher.jpg  Mutul Anti-tank recoilless-gun Main medium-range anti-tank weapon of infantry forces
Model 1968 recoilless gun Czekalski cañón sin retroceso.JPG  Mutul Anti-tank recoilless-gun Mainly in storage
ALAS Ракета АЛАС изложена на сајму наоружања и војне опреме Партнер 2011.jpg  Milostia NLOS loitering missile
Nag (missile) Nag with NAMICA Defexpo-2008.JPG  Benaajab Helicopter-launched ATGM

Combat vehicles

Name Image Origin Type Numbers
EE-T1 EE-T1 Osório (P2).jpg  Mutul/ Sante Reze Main battle tank 600
Type 05 amphibious fighting vehicle ZBD-05 amphibious IFV in Beijing.jpg Template:Country data Jhengtsang Amphibious infantry Fighting Vehicle Primarily used by the Mutulese Marines
Type 63A Type 63A Amphibious tank 20131004.JPG Template:Country data Jhengtsang Amphibious light tank Primarily used by the Mutulese Marines
Type 74 74式戦車 (8465384154).jpg  Tsurushima Main Batle Tank Obsolete, replaced by the EE-T1, mostly used for training purposes and in storage
VBTP Guarani (6125539182).jpg  Mutul/ Sante Reze Armoured personnel carrier
Type 89 AFV Sri Lanka Military 0226.jpg  Mutul Armoured personnel carrier 400x utilised by the Royal Guards Armoured Division.
Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier NDP2010 CR3 Bronco ATTC 1.JPG  Lion's Rock Articulated tracked vehicle 100+
Type 212 Beijing BJ2024 Z2Q1F1.jpg  Mutul General utility vehicle


Name Image Origin Type Numbers
Mortar 60mm M57 Минобацач М57 60мм.jpg  Milostia 60mm mortar
Universal Mortar UB M52 Teski minobacac 120 mm UB M52 2011 7242.jpg  Milostia 120mm mortar Main battalion-level fire support weapon
SLWH Pegasus SLWH Pegasus.jpg Template:Country data Lion’s Rock 155mm howitzer 18 utilised by the Airborne Brigade
Type-01 Cañón 155 mm L 45 CALA 30.jpg  Mutul 155mm towed howitzer Main artillery weapon of the Infantry Brigades
Type-77 CITER L33 155 mm.JPG  Mutul 155mm towed howitzer Former main artillery weapon of the Infantry Brigades, currently mostly in reserve
Type 75 155 mm self-propelled howitzer JGSDF Type75 15HSP.jpg  Tsurushima 155mm Self-propelled howitzer 72x, in service with the Royal Guards Division
Astros II MLRS Avibras ASTROS-II SS-30.JPEG  Mutul/ Sante Reze MLRS Three battalions per Military Region
Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher Pinaka.JPG  Benaajab MLRS One battalion per Military Region

Air Defence Weapons

Name Image Origin Type Numbers
Flak-23 Zu-23 30 M1-3 - InnovationDay2013part1-40.jpg  Liothidia 23mm
SA-95 PZR-Grom-02.jpg  Mutul MANPAD Main air-defence weapon of light infantry brigade groups
LL-96 AA system POPRAD 01.jpg  Mutul SHRAD Main air-defence weapon of mechanised brigade groups
Antelope air defence system Antelope Air Defense System in Songshan Air Force Base 20110813a.jpg  Mutul SAM system Main divisional air defence system
Sky Bow Tien Kung Ⅱ Missile Launcher Display at Hukou Camp Ground 20140329b.jpg  Mutul SAM system Equips the Air Defence Command of each Military Region

Army Aviation

Name Image Origin Type Numbers
W-3 Polish Army PZL-Swidnik W-3WA Sokol Idaszak-1.jpg  Mutul Light transport/utility helicopter
Oryx KUH-1 Surion Prototype Flight Test (13614106523).jpg  Tulura Medium lift helicopter
Dem-80HK Russian Air Force Mi-26 Beltyukov.jpg  Liothidia Heavy-lift helicopter
Dem-20KH Mi24CP (modified).jpg  Liothidia Attack helicopter
U-96 UAV Lipan II.JPG  Mutul Tactical drone
U-96 AladinDrohne.jpg Template:Country data Concordia (Ajax) Handheld drone

Missile systems

Name Image Origin Type Numbers
BM-25 Hwasong-10.png  Liothidia Mobile IRBM
OTR-21 Tochka Tochka-U rep parad Yekat.jpg  Liothidia SRBM
Type 88 Surface-to-Ship Missile JGSDF Type88 SSM-02.jpg  Tsurushima Short- to medium-range coastal defence missile system
Brahmos Brahmos and Brahmos-M size comparison.JPG  Benaajab Coastal defence missile system
Shaurya (missile) 'Shourya' missile test fired on November 12, 2008.jpg  Benaajab Short-range ballistic missile
Nirbhay Nirbhay missiles during Republic Day Parade 2018.jpg  Benaajab Long range land-attack missile