Nadezhda Alexandrovna Vyrubova

The Honourable

Nadezhda Alexandrovna Vyrubova
Надежда Александровна Вырубова

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Ispolnitel of Seredinia
Assumed office
11 May 2015
PresidentAnatole Apraxin
DeputyAlexander Osennykh
Preceded byMikhail Luzhkov
Leader of the Social Democrats
Assumed office
22 July 2013
Preceded byNikita Kamensky
Chair of the Public Administration Select Committee
In office
2 January 2012 – 21 July 2013
Preceded byIvan Kislykh
Succeeded byLotta Czartoryska
Minister-President of the Strezhevoy oblast
In office
10 May 2005 – 16 May 2010
Preceded byStanislav Kirygin
Succeeded byKarolina Nikanova
Shadow Cabinet positions
Shadow Minister of the Interior
In office
19 May 2012 – 3 February 2013
Preceded byVasiliy Guseinev
Succeeded byPyotr Martinov
Shadow Minister for Work and Pensions
In office
12 May 2010 – 19 May 2012
Preceded byPavel Demichev
Succeeded byIlya Rokossovsky
Deputy of the Zemsky Sobor
Assumed office
10 May 2010
Preceded byNikita Svitych
Deputy of the Strezhevoy oblast Duma
In office
7 June 2003 – 16 May 2010
Preceded byNikolay Ivelitsch
Succeeded byIrina Gratcheva
ConstituencyDominigrad III
Majority44,683 (77.53%)
Personal details
BornNadezhda Alexandrovna Vyrubova
Надежда Александровна Вырубова
Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Vyrubova
26 August 1969 (age 50)
Dominigrad, Strezhevoy oblast, Seredinia
Political partySocial Democrats
Iosif Gavrilovich Isyanov (m. 1994)
ResidenceBaryatinsky House
Alma materState University of Zolodolina (B.A. Politics, Philosophy, and Economics)
Military service
Allegiance Seredinia
Branch/serviceSeredinian Federal Air Force
Years of service1987-2003

Nadezhda Alexandrovna Vyrubova (Seredyan: Надежда Александровна Вырубова, tr. Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Vyrubova; b. 26 August 1969) is a Seredinian politician serving as the forty-eighth Ispolnitel, or Prime Minister, since 2015. First elected to the Zemsky Sobor in 2010, Vyrubova has been a member of the center-left Social Democratic Party since joining its student wing, the Socialist Student Front, at the State University of Zolodolina in 1988. Primarily serving in the executive, she was the Minister-President of Strezhevoy oblast from 2005 to 2010. She also served as Chairwoman of the Public Administration Select Committee in the Zemsky Sobor, and as Shadow Interior Minister among other Shadow Cabinet positions under Social Democratic leader Nikita Kamensky. Vyrubova is the first woman to hold the premiership, and the youngest ever Ispolnitel and Minister-President at 45 and 36, respectively.

Vyrubova is a leader of the centrist wing of her Social Democratic Party, advocating an essentially liberal third way programme alongside progressive social policies. Her government has overseen increased funding to the Seredinian universal healthcare system as well as set a moratorium on capital punishment, with a view towards prohibiting the practice within the next five to ten years. Vyrubova was also an early proponent of same-sex marriage in Seredinia, first legalizing it in Strezhevoy in 2005 before it was legalized nationwide later that year; she also urged then-Ispolnitel and future President Osip Korneyev to include same-sex marriage and LGBT anti-discrimination planks in the Social Democrats' 1995 general election platform.

She began her political career in the early 2000s after a distinguished term in the Seredinian Federal Air Force, interning for various local politicians in Strezhevoy and particularly Dominigrad, and eventually gaining the faith of numerous local party bosses. Parlaying this into concrete action, Vyrubova ensured her addition to the top-half of the local open list for Strezhevoy's 2003 legislative by-elections. She would be elected to the Oblast Duma on 7 June 2003, joining an SDP majority in the province and quickly rising up the ranks as a whip and later as a minister. During this time she acted as an adviser to fellow native of Dominigrad Osip Korneyev. Vyrubova was the only SDP candidate to declare for the Minister-Presidency in 2004, and was elected easily to the post by the Duma in 2005. She was able to convert her national profile as Minister-President of the populous oblast into a top position on the SDP's national list for the 2010 general election, and after being elected quickly gained top shadow cabinet and committee postings.

Vyrubova's Social Democrats won the 2015 General Election with 298 of the contested 602 seats, a plurality but not a majority, resulting in a hung parliament. After two months of negotiations, her party joined a coalition with the centrist Liberal Republican Union. She was named Ispolnitel by President Anatole Apraxin the day after the coalition agreement between the two parties was signed.

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