National Assembly (Garambura)

National Assembly

Assemblée nationale
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Lower House
of the Garamburan Parliament
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Political groups
In government

Confidence and supply

  •   FC (5)


Mixed-member proportional representation
Last election
31 July 2019
Next election
31 July 2024
Meeting place
Mambiza, Garambura

The National Assembly (Gaullican: Assemblée nationale) is the lower house of the bicameral Garamburan Parliament, the legislature of Garambura. The upper chamber of the Parliament is the Congress of Garambura. It consists of 147 seats, each elected using a mixed-member proportional representation system, where voters elect a local representative and cast a vote for a political party. The system was inherited from the Gaullican Deuxième Chambre.

As of 2019, the Garamburan National Party holds the most seats in the assembly with 76. The National Assembly is also notable for having over 50% of its elected seats in the city of Mambiza, with 79 of the 147 seats located in the city.



  Party Position Party leader(s) Seats Status
Garamburan National Party (PNG)
Parti national garambouren
Centre-right Muzukuru Chiyangwa
76 / 147
In government
Forum for Change (FC)
Forum pour le changement
Centre Mbira Masunda
5 / 147
Confidence and supply
Social Party of Garambura (PSG)
Parti social de Garamboure
Centre-left to Left-wing Anesu Madhuku
50 / 147
In opposition
Garamburan Section of the Workers' International (SGIO)
Section garambourenne de l'Internationale ouvrière
Far-left Nakai Mumbengegwi
9 / 147
In opposition
Movement for Bahian Unification (MUB)
Mouvement pour l'unification baïenne
Left-wing Dunzvi Matongo
4 / 147
In opposition
2 / 147
In opposition
Miners' Party (PM)
Parti des mineurs
Centre-left Mxolisi Matshikiza
1 / 147
In opposition

Party leaders

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