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National Liberal Party (Arthurista)

National Liberal Party
LeaderDavid Miller MP
Political position
International affiliationInternational Libertarian Alliance
Colors     Yellow-orange
SloganLibertatem primum et aeternum (Liberty First and Forever)

The National Liberal Party, also known as the 'Whigs' during the 19th century, is an Arthuristan political party, one of the two dominant parties in the nation's parliament alongside the Arthuristan Labour Party. It is a 'big tent' group which espouses centre-right/moderate neo-liberal economic policies, libertarian social policies and pragmatic foreign policies. As of 2015, it is currently in opposition. Its symbol is the phoenix, symbolising optimism, renewal of purpose and new beginnings.


The consensus amongst the National Liberal Party is on the superiority of economic liberalism. It believes that the free market offers the most efficient economic model, while the welfare state ought to be streamlined, made more efficient and "rolled back" where necessary. In cultural and social issues it is broadly in agreement with its main rival in espousing a 'robust liberalism', with an outlook based on broadly libertarian and secularist thinking stemming from Arthurista's enlightenment philosohical heritage, while advocating an assimilationist immigration policy.


Beyond this consensus, factions within the party vie for primacy. The largest grouping is to the moderate 'classical liberal' wing, which believes in the protection of individual rights whilst maintaining a pragmatic perspective on most issues. Other large factions include the 'libertarian' wing, which emphasises the primacy of the individual and his or her rights, the 'liberal conservative' wing, which is concerned with maintaining the 'social fabric' of the nation and the civic duties of citizens, and the 'social liberal' wing, which is supportive of the welfare state even if they believe it ought to be made more efficient and less costly. Other small factions also exist, including the 'nationalist', 'global free trade' and 'green' caucuses.

Electoral performance

The National Liberals are usually the second largest party in parliament, with its chairman known as the "leader of the opposition". It has won three general elections in the past-50 years, most notably in the mid-1980s when, in an unprecedented move, it governed in coalition with Labour, its usual main rival, in order that together they may stave off the Freedom Party.

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