Ode to the Mount (National Anthem)

Ode to the Mount, also known as the Zamastan National Anthem, was written and composed by Theodore Robitaille in 1821 at the request of President Tomias Hapson during a period in which Zamastanians were experiencing a wave of patriotism 17 years after the Zamastan War of Independence. Robitaille wanted to capture the essence of the Zamastanian pride, as well as the sheer beauty he saw in the coastal mountain region that was, at the time, the main colonized area of the new nation.


  • English Version

Ode to the mount

Lift voice to the mount

Waters hills and peaks

Zamastan shout

Defend our land, live long our God

For on the mount

The placid shores of the Zian heard

The resounding shout of a heroic land

And the sun of Liberty in shining beams

Shone in the homeland's sky

Ode to the mount

God's redeeming grace

Will grant us victory

O're Zamastan

Defend our land, live long our God