Office of Aeronautics

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Office of Aeronautics
Úrad pre Letectvo
Independent Department overview
FormedJuly 29, 1974 (1974-07-29)
HeadquartersBuilding 19, Durnen
MottoOver all and beyond, we fly
Employees9,089 employees
Annual budget☧4.2 billion (2021)
Minister responsible

The Office of Aeronautics (Tectvo) is the official aircraft regulatory agency of Durnstaal. It is responsible for setting guidelines for air travel, setting and enforcing maintenance and safety standards for aircraft and airports, and working with other agencies to secure Durnian air travel against natural, criminal, or terrorist threats.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Tectvo's overarching goal is to promote, maintain, and secure the air travel service of Durnstaal

  • Protect the lives of Durnian citizens travelling on airplanes,
  • Secure Durnian airports from domestic and foreign threats,
  • Maintain a safe standard of maintenance for aircraft operating within Durnstaal,
  • Maintain Durnstaal's air travel infrastructure, and
  • Promote trade and travel with foreign nations.