Ostry Unbound

Ostry Unbound

Òstrskô Niéziązônë
Ostrei Ungebunden
LeaderLéch Schwarzman
Founded1 May 2017
Split fromOstric People's Party
IdeologyOstric separatism
Revolutionary socialism
Left-wing populism
Left-wing nationalism
Anti-Weranic sentiment
Political positionFar-left
ColorsPurple, red
0 / 15
(Ostric seats)
0 / 1

Ostry Unbound (Ostric: Òstrskô Niéziązônë; Weranic: Ostrei Ungebunden) is a left-wing nationalist party in Ostry, a free state of Werania, formed in 2017 by Ostric separatists dissatisfied with the Ostric People's Party, seeing the party as having become too moderate on the issue of independence. It is currently led by former social studies teacher Léch Schwarzman.

Considered to be the most left-wing party currently registered on the island, the party's 2020 manifesto called for an immediate referendum on the issue of Ostric independence, with the goal of creating an independent Ostric republic, and also advocated for the transformation of the island's economy based on socialist principles, advocating for the restructuring of the dominant fishing and brewing industries along the lines of worker co-operatives, an infrastructure development package to encourage diversification of the economy towards tourism and information technology and a universal basic services approach to reduce inequality.

The party has been accused by many of inflammatory rhetoric on the issue of Werania, with many statements of the party being seen as discriminatory towards ethnic Weranians on the island. Furthermore, it has been argued that its policy of repealing Weranian language rights in an independent Ostry is also discriminatory, and its land reform proposals are seen as benefitting Ostrins at the expense of Weranians.

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