List of political parties in Ostry

Ostry has a multi-party system, with numerous parties and the inability for a single party to gain a majority, necessitating the formation of coalition governments.

Unlike many other states, Ostric politics is divided on the question of sovereignty and independence from Werania, with the left-wing Ostric People's Party and right-wing Ostric Coalition in favour and the centre-left Social Democratic Radical Party, conservative National Consolidation Party and liberal Modern Centre Party, all local branches of Werania-wide parties, against. Within this also exists various attitudes towards the "Ostric question", from support of a referendum to increased autonomy to a unilateral declaration of independence.

Political parties represented at a regional and national level

There are currently eight parties represented in the Dorada, four endorsing unionist sentiments, two endorsing separatist views, and two with no official stance on the issue. While coalitions tend to be made within this dichotomy, exceptions have occurred.

Name Founded Ideology Leader AMs Municipal councils
Social Democratic Radical Party
Socjaldemòkraticznô Starna Radikałnô
Sozialdemokratische Radikale Partei
1986 Weranic unionism, social democracy Jón Woss
4 / 15
6 / 45
Citizen’s Alliance for Ostry
Wiążëna Òbëwatelë na Òstrsëch
Bürgerbund für Ostreien
1996 Nonsectarianism, progressivism Josef Stegerwald
Klara Andrësziak
3 / 15
3 / 45
Ostric People's Party
Òstrsczi Starna Lëdowô
Ostrische Volkspartei
1930 Ostric separatism, agrarian socialism Ôda Marek
2 / 15
4 / 45
Nation and Freedom
Nôród ë Wòlnosc
Nation und Freiheit
2019 Ostric separatism, social conservatism Macéj Fiedler
2 / 15
0 / 45
Democratic Alternative
Demòkraticznô Alternatiwô
Demokratische Alternative
2019 Weranic unionism, national conservatism Adam Duerr
1 / 15
0 / 45
Ostric Greens
Òstrsczi Zelonë
Ostrische Grüns
2019 Nonsectarianism, green politics Miłosłôw Gendron
1 / 15
0 / 45
Party for the Whales
Starna dlô Wiélorëbów
Partei für die Wale
2018 Weranic unionism, animal rights Eckart Schmuck
1 / 15
0 / 45

Other parties recognized by Elections Werania

Name Founded Ideology Leader Notes
National Consolidation Party
Kònsolidacëjô Starna Nôrodowô
Nationale Konsolidierungspartei
1986 Weranic unionism, conservatism Matéùsz Feld Represented in the Dorada from 1986-2020
Ostric Liberal Party
Òstrskô Starna Liberalnô
Ostrische Liberale Partei
1990 Weranic unionism, liberalism Arne Gotti Represented in the Dorada from 1990-2008 and 2016-2020
Ostric Coalition
Koalicëjô Òstrskô
Ostrische Koalition
1998 Ostric separatism, right-wing populism Msczisłôw Mencher (Interim) Represented in the Dorada from 2000-2020
Ostry Unbound
Òstrskô Niéziązônë
Ostrei Ungebunden
2017 Ostric separatism, left-wing nationalism Léch Schwarzman

Defunct parties

Name Founded Dissolved Ideology Most MDs
Young Ostrins
Młodi Òstrskëbi
Junge Ostreier
1794 1850s Ostric nationalism, republicanism N/A
Ostric Section of the Workers' International
Sekcëjô Òstrskô Midzënôrodni Prôcowniczéj
Ostrische Sektion der Arbeiter Internationale
1986 1992 Libertarian socialism, republicanism
1 / 15
Ostric Party
Starna Òstrskô
Ostrische Partei
1986 2003 Ostric separatism, centrism
2 / 15