List of political parties in Ostry

Ostry has a multi-party system, with numerous parties and the inability for a single party to gain a majority, necessitating the formation of coalition governments..

Unlike many other states, Ostric politics is divided on the question of sovereignty and independence, with the left-wing Ostric People's Party and populist Ostric Coalition in favour and the liberal Progressive League and conservative Republican Party, both local branches of Navack-wide parties, against. Within this also exists various attitudes towards the "Ostric question", from support of a referendum to increased autonomy to a unilateral declaration of independence.

Political parties represented at a regional and national level

There are currently five parties represented in the Regional Assembly, two endorsing unionist sentiments and three endorsing separatist views. Traditionally, unionist parties sit on the right of the chamber, while separatists sit on the left, regardless of other political positions.

List Name Founded Ideology Leader MRAs Deputies Senators
O Ostric Coalition
Koalicëjô Òstrskô
Ostrøysk Koalisjon
2002 Ostric separatism, right-wing populism Wacłôw Adómczik
6 / 15
0 / 1
0 / 2
A Ostric People's Party
Òstrsczi Starna Lëdowô
Ostrøysk Folkeparti
1920 Ostric separatism, agrarian socialism Adóm Lës
4 / 15
0 / 1
1 / 2
N New Ostry Party
Nowô Starna Òstrskô
Nytt Ostrøyparti
2019 Navish unionism, liberal conservatism Arthur Adamsen
3 / 15
0 / 1
0 / 2
B Progressive League
Lëga Pòkrokù
Progressiv Liga
1994 Navish unionism, liberalism Dag Nilsen
1 / 15
0 / 1
0 / 2
E Reform
2018 Ostric separatism, centrism Adóm Szlązak
Macéj Dahl
1 / 15
0 / 1
0 / 2
D Forward Together
Razã Przódk
Fremover Sammen
2019 Navish unionism, centrism Mark Amundsen
0 / 15
1 / 1
1 / 2

Other parties recognized by Elections Navack

List Name Founded Ideology Leader Notes
R Republican Party
Starna Repùblikańskô
Republikanske Partiet
1994 Navish unionism, conservatism Kjell Klimek Represented in the Regional Assembly from 2003-2007 and 2011-2019.