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Othaean Commonwealth

Communauté Otaeise (Low Gallic)
Co-fhlaitheas Othaech (Rhaetian)
Othaenje Steatebûn (Zuistran)
Flag of Othaea
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Liberty Calls"
Political Map of Othaea
Political Map of Othaea
and largest city
Official languagesAngonish
Recognised regional languagesLow Gallic, Rhaetian, Zuistran
Protected minority languages
Votyalic, Nahuatl, Labara
Ethnic groups
By Language:
Ango-Othaean (56.1%)
Gallo-Othaean (9.9%)
Nephite (7.9%)
Rhaetian (7.6%)
Zuistran (5.7%)
Nahuatl (2.8%)
Volytalic (2.2%)
Paviratan (2.1%)
Other (5.7%)
Eallic Aenirist (35%)
Gnostic Aenirist (21%)
Smithic (12%)
TBD (9%)
Teoist (3%)
Nurab (2%)
Other (1%)
Unaffiliated (17%)
GovernmentFederal democratic multi-party commonwealth
• High Council
• Oversenator
Grand Senate
General Estates
• Water (%)
• Estimate
• Census
• Density
133/km2 (344.5/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2018 estimate
• Total
$1.670 trillion
• Per capita
Gini (2018)Negative increase 25.2
HDI (2018)Increase 0.871
very high
CurrencyRiel ()
Time zoneWestern Borealian Time
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sideright
Calling code+05

Othaea, officially the Othaean Commonwealth (TBD), is a country in western Borealis. It is bordered to its east by Deseret. The Commonwealth has a diverse landscape that covers an area of XXXX square kilometers (XXX sq mi); Othaea is largely situated along the Merchant's Bay, and in the Yahr River Valley, and is bordered by several mountain ranges, including the White Mountains to the north-west and the Tannitan Mountains to the south-west, split by the Garven Corridor. A secular democratic commonwealth which pioneered ideals of classical liberalism and democracy in the contemporary world, Othaea has 72.8 million inhabitants, including 15 million immigrants. Minorities include Deseretans, XXX, and XX, as well as a growing population of international immigrants, spurred to migrate to Othaea during the Great Western Migration of the '20s. Its capital and largest city is Yarrin, with 1.8 million residents; other major cities are Bradford, Rykvall, Bredwarsville, and Rutherglen.

The area of modern Othaea was occupied by several distinct states during Antiquity and Early Middle Ages, including Zuistran coastal trading kingdoms, Gallic strongholds in Bredwaria and Yarringia, and Rhaetian mountain tribes. Following the Anglic migration of the 2nd century CE, a massive demographic shift began to occur, leading to the creation of the Othaean dialect of Anglic, in a cultural and linguistic evolution that occured simultaenously in neighboring Deseret. A new Othaean state was created by northern Anglic invader Byrnhorn the Bearded, who adopted greater Othaea's reverence of the sea Goddess Aenira, and organized the Aenirist religion into Eallic Aenirism, a heavily organized and prolestyizing sect of the religion. Byrnhorn's foundation of strong central governance in Othaea soon gave way to the High Kingdom of Othaea, created by Byrnhorn's ancestor Wulfsted I in 1142 CE.