Paloma Keresztes

Paloma Nikoletta Keresztes
General Keresztes prior to launching her assault on Székesfehérvár in 1915.
Born(1884-12-05)5 December 1884
Kerepes, Ruvelkan SR
Died22 October 1975(1975-10-22) (aged 90)
Debrecen, Ruvelka
Allegiance Ruvelkan SR
Ruvelka Imperial Separatists
 Ruvelka (1918–1932)
Service/branchRed Army
Separatist Volunteer Guard
Ruvelkan Imperial Fusiliers
Years of service1904–1932
Commands heldArmy Group South
Battles/warsRuvelkan Civil War

Paloma Nikoletta Keresztes (5 December 1884 - 22 October 1975) was a Ruvelkan general and a popular military leader of the Imperial Separatist Movement of Ruvelka during the Ruvelkan Civil War. She is characterized as one of the few figures of the Imperialists who was not a descendent of Ruvelka’s former nobility and was instead attracted to the Imperial cause as a result of their more moderate approach to socialism and democratization. Initially an officer under the command of Kátálin Dorman, she was recognized for her strategic talent and became one of Kátálin’s right-hand commanders. On the eve of the 1914 December Uprising, Paloma received a field promotion to commanding general of the Separatist Army Group South and immediately tasked to capture Hajdúböszörmény which she managed to complete with minimal casualties by 23 December 1914.

Paloma was extremely popular among her soldiers and had a reputation of humility among her peers, although her young age sometimes made it difficult for her to receive respect. Following the civil war, she served as the Chief of the General Staff of the newly formed Imperial Armed Forces of Ruvelka before eventually retiring from the military in 1932. At the outbreak of the Siduri War, Paloma fled to the Cacertian Empire eventually returning to Debrecen at the end of hostilities in 1938.

Although she did not participate in politics for the remainder of her life, she maintained very close friendships with Princess Rózsá and Kátálin.