Port of Jindao

Port of Jindao
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Operated byPort of Jindao International Company Ltd.
Owned byFen Hsiang Company
Port of Jindao International Company Ltd.
Type of harborNatural/artificial
Annual container volumeIncrease 10.61 million TEU
Passenger trafficIncrease 4.92 million people

The Port of Jindao (Xiaodongese: 金岛港; Jīndǎo Gǎng) is the main port in the city-state of Jindao, and comprises most of its cargo, ferry and cruise traffic. The port is situated on Jindao's large natural harbour and inlet, which allows for increased volumes of traffic simultaneously. Although having been used as a port since settlers had lived there, the main infrastructure for the port was built as its current location by Gaullica, and opened in 1885.

Jindao serves mainly as a cargo port, and receives cargo from across the world, being one of the world's busiest container ports, although it mainly receives cargo whose destination is mainland Xiaodong. Cruises have begun to increase in popularity in recent times, but the owners of the port, Fen Hsiang Company and the Port of Jindao International Company, have not made it clear that the port will be expanded in future to incorporate larger cruise traffic.


Passenger traffic


Company Route Destination Ports of call V
Taiyang Ferries Milano linea M1.svg Zhengbu Weikan, Shilou, Tanpe, Miaoping, Huangping, Yuetang, Laowuji Cars
Milano linea M2.svg Yaoling City Laoshizhai, Gaozhai, Yanhui, Baishi, Houfu, Tsintsi Cars
Milano linea M3.svg Lunkeng Shilou, Gaozhai, Yanhui, Houfu, Yaoling, Jianshang, Zhengbu Cars
Ashcombe Ferries München U1.svg Zhengbu Weikan, Shilou, Tanpe, Juebai, Luoxi, Miaoping, Huangping, Yuetang, Laowuji Cars
München U2.svg Yaoling City Weikan, Shilou, Tanpe, Juebai, Luoxi, Miaoping, Huangping, Yuetang, Laowuji, Zhengbu, Cangxi, Dasanpo, Haikou, Shetan, Jianshang, Shima, Jiayi, Shanjia, Kushui, Tsintsi Cars
München U3.svg Yanhui Laoshizhai, Gaozhai, Jin'an, Hankeng Cars
München U4.svg Banli Jishan, Dongguo, Liuya None

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