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You step off the plane, and a warm breeze hits you in the face. Around you, excited travelers and locals blend into a colorful background of palm trees and crystalline blue water. As you take in the scenery, you realize... You have arrived in the beautiful Conch Kingdom!
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Ornivia, offically known as the Ornivian Federation, is a country in Southeast Elisia. It is situated on the coast of the Marlos Ocean and covers an area of 853,506 square kilometers (329,540 square miles), and has a population of just over 120 million within its 25 Member-States and Federal District. Ornivia borders Orinoccov and Koparfljot, and has a maritime border with Socialist Platypus and Fendiralia. The nation's capital is the Ornivian Federative District, located geographically within Minervia City, which is Ornivia's largest city.

Ornivia is a Federative Parliamentary Republic, including two separate legislative bodies. It is a highly developed, high-income Social Market Economy (known as Ornivian Capitalism in Ornivia); it ranks high in human development, quality of life, income, wealth, education, economic competitiveness, infrastructure development, human and civil rights, and ranks low in income inequality, preceived corruption and crime. Ornivia also has a universal healthcare system and a welfare state(See more...)

In the News
  • The Fleet of Oceans begins a peaceful withdrawal of its forces occupying the Imperial Republic of Acadia.
  • Forces from Cle Brait enter Cellent, Ziromnia
  • Nakletskian dictator Marshal Arniziv Nezhravtov and his sister Under-Marshal Mizusi Nezhravtov execute their brother Petrjani Nezhravtov on live television.
  • Otsavin Sfarszantac secures a second term as chairman at the General Conference of the Patolian National Party
  • The government of Moni is overthrown in a military coup.
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