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The Fajatziak conflict (Ibarmentudiak: Fajatziak gatazka) was an uprising in the northern Ibarmentudiak province of Fajatziak, in the Handikogoiordoki Confederal state. The uprising was fought as a guerilla conflict in early 1937, but escalated into a stagnant war from mid 1937 onwards, with the summer of 1939 seeing the heaviest fighting. The Ibarmentudiak Confederal government fought against the Fajatziak Social Liberation Front (Fajatziak Gizarte Askapenerako Frontea, FGAF), later joined by the Fajatziak Republic. The conflict is often considered one of the preceding conflicts to the later Ibarmentudiak Civil Conflict, a wider Guerilla war actively fought between 1984 and 2004, which is still being fought in rural Ibarmentudia in the modern era. The province of Fajatziak, before being part of the Confederal State of Handikogoiordoki and eventually Ibarmentudia was an independent Ibarmentudiak-speaking Country, and for the longest time had a separate national identity from the rest of the Ibarmentudiak-speaking world. As it was for the most part separated from the rest of Ibarmentudia by the Goimendi mountains and the Logrotxera river, it was one of the few Ibarmentudiak-speaking states which were free of being heavily influenced by the royal House of Aguirregoitiafelipena. However, during the 1819-1853 Alboziradia-based Ibarmentudiak Confederacy, Fajatziak lost its independence after a short war in 1849. During this time, Ibarmentudia was trying to unify the Ibarmentudiak-speaking countries of Parenthia, and despite the fact that it succeeded in its goal, Fajatziak kept its separate national identity. Eventually, the Confederacy fought a war against multiple foreign nations, and the democratic institutions were replaced by the Royal House of Saenz of Almagrian origin, which is still the ruling royal house of Ibarmentudia to this day. (See more...)

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  • Politician Radek Kubát was arrested and sentenced to a week in prison this month for not wearing a helmet on his bicycle, a strict law in Suidenland.
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The Kingdom of Brynmor (Brynnish: Teyrnas Brynymôr, Charmelcs: Rioghachd Cnocnamara), commonly known as Brynmor, is a sovereign state in Parthenia. It shares land borders with Angland to the east and Vermand to the west. On it's north coast is the Sea of Slethar. As of 2017, Brynmor's population was approximately 5.3 million. Its capital city is Marunath, which is also the largest city in the country. Continuous habitation within the modern borders of Brynmor began during the neolithic period as one of the earliest inhabited regions of Parthenia. Early Celtic cultures began to appear in the bronze age and iron age, despite Remillian occupation later on, connecting Brynmor to the other Celtic nations of the Sea of Slethar. Unlike neighbouring Angland, the Remillian occupation had little effect on the culture and people groups of Brynmor, as Celtic culture continued to develop. Following the collapse of the Remillian Empire in 301 AD, Brynmor was split into two kingdoms, Battania and Reyvadoin. It is theorized that these kingdoms would assist eachother in defending their lands from the Livanic invaders from the west, using the hilly terrain to their advantage. In 833 Brynmor was annexed by the Kingdom of Vermand, becoming a state in the north. In 1089, when Angland invaded Vermand, the Anglican monarchy established a monarchy in Brynmor, proclaiming the land "Brya'mordaleat" and becoming a vassal state of the Anglican kingdom used for power over the Vermandois kingdom. In the 16th century, under the Vieri dynasty, Brynmor was fully incorporated into the growing Anglish Empire. Following the death of Arthur I, the Anglican kingdom was left unstable under Anastasia I which Brynmor used to form a united kingdom with Charmelcia, known as the Kingdom of the Two Thrones. This dissolved after both nations established themselves in the 19th century, with a period of Brynnish nationalism during the 1830s. (See more...)
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