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The RMS Achilleus sank in the early hours of the morning of the 22 March 1915 in the North Merillian Ocean in one of the most disastrous maritime disasters in history and the highest casualty maritime incident outside of wartime. She sank on the return trip from her maiden voyage, departing from Port Harrison in the Anglican Colony of Grennola and heading back to Saint Sebastian, Angland. When she sank she had an estimated 2,399 people on board when internal issues caused an explosion in the engine which killed up to 600 of the passengers immediately as well as causing the ship to sink. The explosion is the largest accidental explosion in Anglican history. No prior warning to the explosion was noted however a Naval Court enquiry into the explosion easily ruled out external explosions, such as torpedos or a mine left in the ocean from World War One. Survivor accounts claim notices of a flash of flame near the aft turret and then one or two explosions quickly following. The captain's logbook was recovered partially intact which agrees with the testimony of survivors that said the eight-inch ammunition magazines had been restowed in order to keep the cordite propellant charges together in lots that morning. This resulted in at least 40 charges being left exposed and as boiler charges heated up it caused the exposed charges to explode. Upon the explosion and sinking, the remaining crew used distress flares and wireless radio to attract outside help as passengers were placed into lifeboats. (See more...)

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  • Politician Radek Kubát was arrested and sentenced to a week in prison this month for not wearing a helmet on his bicycle, a strict law in Suidenland.
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Ibarmentudia, officially the National Kingdom of Ibarmentudia (Ibarmentudiak: Ibarmentudiako Erresuma Nazionala) is a federal constitutional kingdom located in central Parthenia, bordered by the Goimendi mountains to the west, Almagria and the Itsandia strait to the south and Telekia to the south-east, and covers a surface area of 538,853.61 km². Ibarmentudia consists of four Confederal States: Handikogoiordoki, Edurnebaso, Aintzirubeheanibai, and Zurihaitzkostaldea, which are further subdivided into Confederal Provinces. Ibarmentudia has a population of 21.4 million, which has been in a long decline after the civil conflict. Ibarmentudia's capital is Aranarteamendia, though the largest city is Alboziradia. Other major population centres include Logrojoz, Catarteixo, Alzihuela and Alilgeina. (See more...)
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Elezia is a modern-tech RP and Worldbuilding region that focuses on realism and enjoyment for those who choose to take part. The region operates soley off of Discord. Elezia launched on the 29th April 2022.

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