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Established on 31 August 2023, Gentu II is a young 2000s-tech worldbuilding region with magic. We enjoy realistic worldbuilding, good writing, solid history and lore. Now includes 16 articles, and growing.

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The Kingdom of Neragon (Neragese: Crecle onn Neragon), known simply as Neragon is and island nation located off the northeastern coast of Oranland. Mainland Neragon consists of the Neragese Isles which consists of the main island of Greater Aialand as well as many smaller islands. Neragon is bordered by the Neragese Strait to the east, the Ingentric Ocean to the west and south, and the Northern Ocean to the north. The total area of continental Neragon is 18,256,177 km2 (7,048,749 sq mi) which is inhabited by 79,914,295 people as of 1999. Additionally, Neragon possesses 7 overseas territories and dependencies, which including continental Neragon makes up the Neragese Empire. (See more...)
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