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Gentu Gentusymbol.png
Gentu II continent.png
Earth, Terra, Gentu II, the World
Orbital characteristics
365.256 d
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
6,371.0 km
510,072,000 km2
Volume1.083×1012 km3
Mass5.972×1024 kg
Mean density
5.513 g/cm3
9.807 m/s2

Gentu, also known as Gentǔ, Gentu II, Terra, or Earth, is the second planet from the Sun and the only astronomical object known to harbour life. While large amounts of water can be found throughout the Gentu System, only Gentu sustains liquid surface water. About 63% of Gentu's surface is made up of the ocean. The remaining 37% of Gentu's surface is land, consisting of continents and islands. Gentu's surface layer is formed of several slowly moving tectonic plates, interacting to produce mountain ranges, volcanoes and earthquakes.


Geophysical characteristics

Orbit and rotation




Human geography

Flag Name Capital city Population
Area Population
Continent Head of state Head of government Nominal GDP Form of government
Mathoi Flag.png Mathoi Phenkung 229,913,989 699,781 km2 328.55/km2 Hesterath President Andrei Cioloș Prime Minister Han Yeonghee $14,693 billion Federal republic
Neragon Flag.png Neragon Wilding 183,833,000 1,810,655 km2 101.5/km2 Oranland Monarch Henry IV Prime Minister John Sonnenfeld $20,328 billion Constitutional monarchy
Flag of the USRN.png USRN Kobusta 122,738,092 4,726,533 km2 26.0/km2 Naphtora President Ayana Kabade Premier Olama Kastora $12,299 billion Socialist republic