Capital City
Portland City
Images of Portland City
(From top to bottom: Portland CBD, The Royal Palace, Beaches along the south coast of Portland, The Imperial Parliament)
Flag of Portland
The Capitol, Portland D.C.
ProvinceDistrict of the Capital
 • Total5,135,251

The City of Portland is the capital city of the Kingdom of Geordinia and is located within the District of the Capital; thus ensuring it is not under the control of any of the provinces of Geordinia. The city is also the largest city in the Kingdom and is home to the Monarchy, Federal Executive Government, Storting (Federal Legislature), Supreme Court as well as the main museums and galleries in the nation.

The city itself is on the southern coast of Geordinia and is split into 5 districts and 30 neighbourhoods. The 5 districts are the Federal, Financial, Diplomatic, Port and Culture Districts. Although, many theatres and cultural venues are located outside of the culture district, and some embassies are located outside of the diplomatic district. The Royal Palace, Storting Palace, State House and Government buildings are all located within the Federal District which is often called The Oval due to its oval shape.

The city is also called 'The Capitol' and Portland D.C. as the City itself occupies all available land within the district, with the remaining land being a national park.