Presidency of Piraea

Presidency of the Piraean Republic
προεδρία της Πειραιηκή Δημοκρατία
Proedría tis Pireikí Dimokratía
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Pavlos Kassapidis, Chairman of the Presidency
Stella Davakis
Pavlos Kassapidis
Stefanos Xanthos

since 11 March 2016
AppointerPiraean Senate
Term lengthSix years

The Presidency of the Piraean Republic (Piraese: προεδρία της Πειραιηκή Δημοκρατία, tr. Proedría tis Pireikí Dimokratía), also known as the Presidency of Piraea, is the collective Head of State of the Piraean Republic. The Presidency is a three-member council appointed by the Piraean Senate. Members of the presidency serve six-year terms and are limited by the constitution to a single term. The presidency has the procedural duty of appointing the premier with the consent of the legislature. Members of the presidency must be Independents and are constitutionally prohibited from membership in a political party while in office.

Unlike many countries with a presidency, the presidency does not serve as commander in chief of the armed forces. During peacetime, the office of commander in chief is vacant. During times of war, the presidency appoints a commander in chief with the consent of the legislature. The presidency has some influence over foreign policy.

The current chairman of the presidency is Pavlos Kassapidis. He was appointed in 2016 alongside Stella Davakis and Stefanos Xanthos. The chairmanship rotates every two years.


Member Portrait Joined Party
Stella Davakis Ministru prezidents Valdis Dombrovskis tiekas ar Eiropas Savienības (ES) jūrlietu un zivsaimniecības komisāri Mariju Damanaki (7093055433) (cropped).jpg 11 March 2016 Independent
Pavlos Kassapidis Terens Kouik.jpg 11 March 2016 Independent
Stefanos Xanthos Giorgio Napolitano 2014.jpg 11 March 2016 Independent