Prince Guillaume of Lyncanestria

Prince Guillaume
Prince of Lyncanestria
Prince Royal of Barrois
Born (1997-02-05) February 5, 1997 (age 23)
Hôpital Saint-Robert
Villeneuve, Lyncanestria
Full name
Guillaume Alphonse Philippe Alexandre
FatherPhilippe IV of Lyncanestria
MotherAlys de Vignerot
ReligionChurch of Lyncanestria

Template:Lyncanestrian Imperial Family Guillaume, Prince Imperial (born Guillaume Alphonse Philippe Alexandre; 5 February 1997) is a Prince of Lyncanestria, by virtue of being son of the reigning emperor, Philippe IV. He also carries the title of Prince of Lyncanestria, by virtue of his father being elective emperor of Lyncanestria.

Early life


Prince Guillaume was born on 5 February 1997 at the Hôpital Saint-Robert in downtown Villeneuve to Prince Samuel of Lyncanestria and his wife, Alys de Vignerot. He was born three weeks prematurely, and acutely developed pneumonia on his second day in the hospital's neonatal ward. For the remainder of February he was in postnatal intensive care. His situation improved by month's end and he was discharged on 2 March, leaving the capital with his parents for the Château de Montroi, where he would later be baptized. The Imperial couple recalled the experience surrounding the birth of their first child as traumatic, claiming the neonatologists did not expect the prince to survive and said it was a "miracle" Guillaume managed to recuperate. His birth marked the first time in Imperial Lyncanestrian history that four consecutive generations of Lyncanestrian Imperials lived at the same time; it wouldn't last long, as his great-grandfather, Philip VII, died two years later. On 14 April, the prince was christened Guillaume Alphonse Philippe Alexandre in a private ceremony in the chapel of the Château de Montroi, officiated by Hervé Lessac, the Archbishop of Montroi. He was named Guillaume after his grandfather Prince Imperial Guillaume, and Alphonse and Philpppe after two of his great-grandfathers.


File:Guillaume, Prince Imperial in 2010.jpg
Prince Guillaume at the wedding of Princess Christine in 2009.

At the age of four, Prince Guillaume began his education. Unlike other members of the Imperial family before him, he was not assigned a governess, instead undertaking primary education under renowned educologist Bernard Delgain until the age of eight. In September 2005, the Prince became the first generation in the Imperial family to attend public schooling, enrolling in the École primaire Saint-Robert, a local primary school in Montroi. The Emperor reportedly asked the school's headmaster personally that the prince not receive preferential treatment. During his time at Saint-Robert, he known as a reserved and soft-spoken student, yet intelligent and astute. In 2009, he was accepted into the Collège Étienne de Jugny, an elite preparatory school in Burgoy. At the Collège Étienne, the Prince was a visibly active member of his class, involved in numerous academic and extracurricular activities. He was a a violist in the school's orchestra throughout his time there, as well a player in the school's football team for two years. He was also a member of the student government. In 2014, he completed his bac exams in 2014, receiving his diploma in the social sciences stream.

Prince Guillaume would later attend the Université impériale's pre-law programme. In 2015 it was announced that the Prince Imperial would change colleges, moving from the pre-law programme in the College of Law to the political science programme at Hartoy College. The Prince Imperial became the first Lyncanestrian heir apparent to earn a university degree when he graduated summa cum laude in July 2018. The Prince Imperial received his licenciate in political science with a focus on international relations and trade. While attending the university in 2015, he was seen attending an academic event organised and hosted by the Liberal Party's student wing, leading to widespread public displeasure at what seemed to be the Imperial family overstepping into politics. He was a member of the university's amateur orchestra, in which he played the viola.

Personal life

File:Guillaume, Prince Imperial in 2015.jpg
Guillaume, Prince Imperial at the reopening of the National Museum of Military History in Villeneuve, June 2016.

The Prince Imperial is a member of the Church of Lyncanestria. He once said in an interview that he regards his faith as "central" to his character and personal philosophy. The Prince Imperial is sometimes seen playing football, though he doesn't play "as much as [he] used to," preferring instead to spectate. He is an avid fan of AS Fleury and the Lyncanestria national team. Beginning October 2016, Guillaume was in a formal relationship with Princess Teresa of Beroea, daughter of Prince Theodosius, Duke of Beroea. Rumours of the couple's courtship were confirmed by press offices of both households in early 2017 after they were frequently seen together by paparazzi. In June 2018, it was announced that the two had split amicably.

Sexuality controversy

In 2018, the magazine La Métropolitaine published an article which asserted that the Prince Imperial was homosexual. The article cited an anonymous source who attended the Université impériale and reportedly witnessed the Prince in the embrace of another unnamed male. The story did not gain much traction in the Lyncanestrian mainstream media outside the tabloids, and the Imperial household did not issue a statement on the matter. When later questioned, Thiébault d’Arcien, Grand Master of the Household, said that the story was nothing more than "insulting libel" and "completely baseless".

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

Styles of
Guillaume, Prince Imperial
<imgur w="85">NDul31n.png</imgur>
Reference styleHis Imperial Highness
Spoken styleYour Imperial Highness
Alternative styleMonseigneur

Guillaume was born with the title of a Prince of the Blood of Barrois. He would be elevated to the rank of Prince in 1998 by letters patent issued by his great-grandfather Philippe VII. When his father ascended to the throne in 2013, the Prince automatically took the titles of Prince Imperial upon becoming heir apparent. As Prince Imperial, he was subsequently invested with the traditional subsidiary titles of Prince of Lugarne and Duke of Condé.

  • 5 February 1997 – 20 March 1998: His Highness Guillaume, Prince of the Blood
  • 20 March 1998 – 6 July 2013: His Imperial Highness Prince Guillaume of Lyncanestria
  • 6 July 2013 – present: His Imperial Highness The Prince Imperial
    • 4 March 2014 – present: The Prince of Lugarne, The Duke of Condé


Upon reaching the age of majority, the Prince Imperial was inducted as a member of the traditional Lyncanestrian orders for all heirs apparent, those being the Order of the Imperial Eagle and the Order of the Golden Sceptre.

Foreign decorations



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Prince Guillaume of Lyncanestria
Cadet branch of the House of Gentry
Born: 5 February 1997
Lines of succession
Succession to the Barroese throne Followed by
Prince Philippe of Lyncanestria
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Preceded by
Samuel, Prince Royal of Barrois
Prince Royal of Barrois
13 July 2013 – present
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Prince Philippe of Lyncanestria
Prince of Lugarne
Duke of Condé

4 March 2014 – present