Philippe IV of Lyncanestria

Philippe IV
Philippe IV of Lyncanestria.png
Emperor of Lyncanestria
Reign8 July 2013 – present
Investiture20 July 2013
PredecessorGuillaume II
Prime Ministers
King of Barrois
Reign6 July 2013 – present
PredecessorGuillaume V
Heir apparentGuillaume, Prince Royal of Barrois
Born (1973-08-19) August 19, 1973 (age 46)
Hôtel-Dieu de Montroi
Montroi, Lyncanestria
Alys of Aldéon (m. 1995)
IssuePrince Guillaume
Princess Marie-Sophie
Prince Philippe
Princess Élisabeth
Full name
Samuel Philippe Alexandre
FatherGuillaume II of Lyncanestria
MotherPrincess Elizabeth of Ghant
ReligionChurch of Lyncanestria

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Philippe IV of Lyncanestria (born Samuel Philippe Alexandre; 19 August 1973) is the reigning constitutional monarch of Lyncanestria, having ascended to the throne 8 July 2013. He is the ninth monarch of Lyncanestria.

Known publicly as Prince Samuel of Barrois until his ascension, he was born in Montroi, the second child of Prince Guillaume, later Guillaume II of Lyncanestria, and his wife Elizabeth of Ghant. He and his siblings were the first generation of the royal Villeneuve family to be educated at a state school, first attending the Collège Segné and the Lycée Philippe l'Empereur in Honfleur. In 1992, his brother, Prince Guillaume, died in a boating accident after which Philippe became second in-line to the throne of Barrois after his father, and in a position that could not be displaced in the succession. He went on to attend the Imperial Military Academy and graduated 1995, after which he was commissioned into the Fusiliers of the Imperial Life Guards as a captain, a commission which he served until 2003. In 1994, following two years of courtship, he married his third cousin once removed, Alys de Vignerot, daughter of the Marquis of Aldéon. They have four children, Prince Guillaume, Princess Marie-Sophie, Prince Philippe and Princess Élisabeth.

Early life


Philippe was born at 20:40 (LST) on 19 August 1973 in the Hôtel-Dieu de Montroi, the second son and child born to his parents. His father was Prince Guillaume of Barrois, eldest son of the Prince Royal of Barrois, Prince Philippe, who in turn was the eldest son and heir apparent to the reigning emperor Guillaume II. His mother, Princess Elizabeth, was a daughter of the Ghantish Emperor Michael I, a scion of the agnatically-related Gentry dynasty. According to firsthand accounts, at birth, he was named Jean Philippe Samuel Alexandre, though this name was changed weeks later at his christening. On 3 September 1973, he was baptised by Hebert Lissieux, the Archbishop of Montroi, in a ceremony held in the private chapel of the Château de Montroi, christened with the name Samuel, after his great-great-grandfather, former Prime Minister Samuel Toussaint, Philippe after his grandfather, the reigning emperor, and Alexandre after Saint Alexander of Angers.

Philippe was the second child of six, and in his youth had an especially close relationship with his older brother, Prince Guillaume despite their differing personalities. He and his siblings received primary education at home, being cared for by governess Isabelle Ressaud and tutored by scholar and polymath Jean Villancourt in history, language, literature and music up to the age of eight. As a child, Philippe was described physically as having a gentle air about him; he had fair hair that eventually darkened to brown, and a light complexion. By his elders, he was considered a jolly and energetic child, yet quiet and well-mannered.


After primary education at home, Philippe went to state school, following in the steps of his elder brother. He first attended the Collège Segné and, with his siblings, became the first generation in the history of the royal Villeneuve dynasty to attend public school. Noted by his professors for having a genuine love for learning, he achieved good marks and was admitted into the prestigious preparatory school Lycée Philippe l'Empereur. After completing his bac in 1991, he went in pursuit of higher studies in political administration at the Université impériale, where his brother had begun studying two years prior.

Unlike his brother, Philippe took well to the university's strict academic atmosphere, and received academic distinctions during his time there. However, he did not complete his studies there, as his brother's death prompted him to leave the university. He would later admit his reason for leaving was that certain places on campus would remind him of his brother, saying "it was an overbearing reminder of loss." Philippe would go on to enroll at the École impériale militaire in 1993.

Military training and career

After being elevated to heir-apparent to the Barroese crown and enrolling at the École impériale militaire, Philippe underwent two years of military training alongside his academic studies. During this time, the prince was trained as an infantryman, though by all accounts desired to be a cavalryman or tank crewman. Upon finishing military school in 1995, Philippe was commissioned into the Fusiliers of the Imperial Life Guards with the rank of captain. In this capacity, the prince participated in the mostly ceremonial duties of the regiment in Mortain and Villeneuve. In 1998, he was temporarily deployed in a joint-B.C. base in Latium, but was redeployed domestically after his elevation to heir-apparent with his grandfather's death in 1999.

Prince Royal

Royal duties


Election and investiture


Media perception

Personal life

Marriage and family

Philippe met Alys de Vignerot in his childhood. Both their fathers were good friends and they would often see each other at domestic high-profile events. The two grew close mid-1992 following his brother's death and began formal courtship soon after. After a little less than two years of courtship, the two of them were wed in the chapel of the Château de Montroi on 20 May 1995. Their first child, Guillaume, was born the following year. The couple have three other children, Marie-Sophie, Philippe, and Élisabeth.

Hobbies and personal interests

Residences and finance

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

Styles of
Philippe IV
Reference styleHis Imperial Majesty
Spoken styleYour Imperial Majesty
Alternative styleSire

Upon his birth, Philippe was a Prince of Barrois by virtue of being an agnatic grandson of the heir to the throne. When his grandfather died, his father ascended to the Barroese throne and, given the death of his elder brother Guillaume, Philippe retained his title as Prince. In 1992, Philippe became heir apparent to the throne of Barrois upon his brother's death, thereby making him Prince Royal. He assumed the throne upon his father's death in 2013, and was subsequently elected as emperor of Lyncanestria by the Federal Council.

  • 19 August 1973 – 15 March 1992: His Royal Highness Samuel, Prince of Barrois
  • 15 March 1992 – 17 August 1999: His Royal Highness Prince Samuel of Barrois
  • 17 August 1999 – 6 July 2013: His Imperial Highness Prince Samuel of Lyncanestria
  • 6 July 2013 – 8 July 2013': His Majesty King Philippe VIII of Barrois
  • 8 July 2013 – present: His Imperial Majesty Philippe IV, Emperor of Lyncanestria


Foreign decorations


Philippe has borne four arms throughout his life, the first as a prince of the blood, the second as an Imperial prince of Lyncanestria, bearing the traditional arms of the Villeneuve lion; the third and fourth arms as the Prince Imperial and Emperor, which are variants with additional mantling and minor heraldic differences.

Coat of arms of Samuel, Prince of Barrois (1973–1974)
Coat of arms of Prince Samuel of Barrois (1974–1999)
Coat of arms of Samuel, Prince Royal of Barrois(1999–2013)
Coat of arms of Philippe IV, Emperor of Lyncanestria (2013–present)


In 1995, Philippe, as Prince Imperial, married his third cousin once removed, Dephine Alys de Vignerot, daughter of Jean-Louis de Vignerot, Marquis of Aldéon. They have four children together.

Children Birth Notes
HIH Prince Guiillaume
Guillaume Amédée Philippe Alexandre
5 February 1997
Heir apparent to the Barroese throne.
HIH Princess Marie-Sophie
Marie-Sophie Catherine Élisabeth
12 November 1998
HIH Prince Philippe
Philippe Henri
4 April 2001
HIH Princess Élisabeth
Élisabeth Mathilde
20 September 2009


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Philippe IV of Lyncanestria
Cadet branch of the House of Gentry
Born: 19 August 1973
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Guillaume II of Lyncanestria
Emperor of Lyncanestria
8 July 2013 – present
No designated heir
King of Barrois
6 July 2013 – present
Heir apparent:
Guillaume, Prince Royal of Barrois

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