Princess Tiara of Thasos

Princess of Thasos
Born22 May 1998 (age 21)
Arcadia, Lihnidos
Full name
Tiara Paraskevi Iona Zebina
FatherSteffon Perris
MotherPrincess Aleka, Grand Duchess of Thasos
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Tiara (Tiara Paraskevi Iona Zebina; born 22 May 1998) is the second daughter of Princess Aleka, Grand Duchess of Thasos and a Princess of Lihnidos. As the first daughter to the eldest sister of Empress Stella II she is considered to be sixth in line for the throne in the unofficial line of succession. She is also the first in line to the Grand Duchy of Thasos and its accompanying titles.

Tiara was born in Arcadia, Lihnidos at the Royal Arcadia Hospital on 22 May 1998. Upon her birth she was made a Princess of Lihnidos by her great grandmother, Empress Selene II. At the time of her birth she was considered to be fifth in line for the throne. In 2007, after the passing of Empress Teresa, Empress Stella II bestowed the title Grand Duchess of Thasos to Tiara's mother, making her a Princess of Thasos.

Tiara attended Saint Anna's School for Girls in Arcadia for her primary education as had seemed to become tradition among the young princesses of Lihnidos in recent history. She later went on to attend Vathurion Academy, a college preparatory school located outside of the Arcadia city limits. After graduating in 2017, she began attending Aigis University in Phthiotis.

Early Life and Education

Tiara was born on 22 May 1998 in room 105 of the Royal Arcadia Hospital. She was born at 9:04 PM to Princess Aleka and Steffon Perris. Her mother was unable to continue the custom of birthing noble children in Arcadia at Saint Maria's Hospital due to attending the opera when going into labor being too far from Saint Maria's. Having been rushed to the nearest hospital for the birth, she was given no choice but to have Tiara at RAH. She was the first child of Aleka and Steffon and at her birth was considered to be fifth in line for the Lihnidosi throne. She was baptized a month after her birth with Princess Astrid, her maternal aunt, and Myron Perris, her paternal uncle, as her Godparents.

Tiara spent much of her early childhood surrounded by her sister, who is four years younger, and her parents. While her mother was fourth in line for the throne at her birth, she was still assisting her sister in her duties as princess as she had been since a young age. Despite this, her mother was still able to find ample time to spend with her children. Due to the close relationship between her mother and her aunt Stella, Tiara also spent time around her cousins Spyridion, Efthymia, Maria, and Athanasia.

Tiara was enrolled in Saint Anna's School for Girls in Arcadia by her mother at the age of five which she attended for primary education. At the time of her enrollment a number of girls who were members of Lihnidosi noble families attended the school, most notably her cousin, the Princess Efthymia. The school had become a traditional location for primary education for many of the female nobility in Lihnidos and had been attended by her mother and both of her aunts. She later moved on to Vathurion Academy outside of Arcadia to continue her secondary education. She was the second in her family to attend the preparatory school. It was later reported that it had been her father who pushed for her attendance at the academy despite urging by the empress to have her remain at Saint Anna's for her secondary education.

In 2017 Tiara graduated from Vathurion Academy and was accepted to Aigis University in Phthiotis, one of the highest ranked universities in the nation. She is currently studying architecture as an undergraduate student and has said she hopes to obtain a four year degree. She has been involved with the youth wing of the Conservative-National Alliance since her enrollment at the university and is currently the deputy treasurer for the university's organization. She is also a member of the university's cross country team.

Personal Life

Despite her prominence in the Imperial Family, Tiara has maintained a relatively private life. She has avoided media attention and keeps a small presence on social media that revolves solely around interactions with her friends rather than the public. Tiara is known to enjoy the outdoors and sports, specifically cross country, football, ice hockey, and swimming. She has been seen at football games in Arcadia cheering for Arcadia FC and was seen at the 2016 World Ice Hockey Tournament in Skarrsboro, Ottonia.

Like the rest of her family, Tiara is a member of the Fabrian Catholic Church and attends church regularly.

It was confirmed in 2016 that Tiara had begun a relationship with Vannosian Prince Edouard of Martiris. The two met when Edouard and his family visited Arcadia in 2016 and were guests of the Empress at a dinner reception. Following the event it was confirmed by Tasae Palace and the Imperial Palace in Saint-Nazaire that the two had begun a relationship. Since then they have been photographed together numerous times across Belisaria.

Titles, styles, and honors

Titles and styles

Styles of
Tiara of Thasos
Reference styleHer Imperial Highness
Spoken styleYour Highness
Alternative styleHer Highness
  • 22 May 1998 - 03 July 2007: Her Imperial Highness Princess Tiara of Lihnidos
  • 03 July 2007 - Present: Her Imperial Highness Princess Tiara of Thasos


  • Dame of the Order of the Dolphin OrderDolphin.png


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Princess Tiara of Thasos
Born: 22 May 1998
Lines of succession
Preceded by
Princess Aleka, Grand Duchess of Thasos
Succession to the Lihnidosi throne
7th in line
Followed by
Princess Iris of Thasos
Heir apparent
Succession to the Grand Duchy of Thasos
1st in line
Followed by
Princess Iris of Thasos