Robert Builder

Chief Constable Robert Builder is chief of the Munkcestrian Constabulary, the police force of the Munkcestrian Republic.

Chief Constable

Robert Builder
Robert Builder

Other namesBob
Alma materMunkcestrian Police College
Known fornot preventing Munkcestrian war crimes, turning a blind eye to local gang activity, quelling slave revolts and cracking down on the Azadistani Mafia as well as being chief of the Munkcestrian Constabulary
Police career
AllegianceNational-Unionist Party (Munkcestrian Republic)
DepartmentMunkcestrian Constabulary
Statusserving police officer
RankChief Constable

early life and education

Police career

Whilst his police career before being appointed Chief Constable is not common knowledge it is known that as a police chief he completely fail to control the problems of football hooliganism and related-gangs as well as failing (either deliberately, negatively or through incompetence) to stop the murder of a wounded Azadistani special forces Captain. He also refused to enforce World Assembly Law against members of the National-Unionist Party or Munkcestrian-hired mercenaries.

political ideology

Robert Builder is far-right. He is known to be sexist and ultra-nationalist. He is also pro-slavery.