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2023–2028 term
Political groups
Governing Council (22)
  Albmotválgabealde (14)
  The Greens (5)
  Social Democratic Party (3)

Other parties (9)

  Liberals (3)
  Natural Balance (3)
  Centre Party (2)
  Conservative Nationals (1)
Party-list proportional representation
Last election
29 August 2023
Meeting place
Hverfolk Cultural Center, Vestmannaeyjar

The Sámedagi is the representative body for the Hverfolk in Hverland, acting as an institution of cultural autonomy for the indigenous people. It plays a significant role in political representation, cultural preservation, economic development, and social welfare for the Hverfolk community.


The Sámedagi was formed in 1966 in collaboration with the Office for Hverfolk and Indigenous Interests, recognizing the unique cultural, social, and economic challenges faced by the Hverfolk.

Responsibilities and roles

Sámedagi chamber

The Sámedagi serves as a political voice for the Hverfolk in Hverland's national government, participating in the legislative process and shaping relevant policies and laws. Responsibilities include the preservation of traditional Hverfolk practices, languages, and spiritual beliefs. Initiatives are supported to revitalize Hverfolk culture, such as educational programs, festivals, and museums. The assembly fosters economic growth within Hverfolk communities, creating opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship, and investment, focusing on sustainable development.


The Sámedagi consists of representatives elected by the Hverfolk community, covering various regions of Hverland.