La Federacion de la Gran Junta Nacional de Sacrofnia

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Coat of arms
Motto: Our values ​​and knowledge are paramount in this world
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Location of Sacrofnia
Largest cityColwint
Ethnic groups
90% Sacrfonian
5% Geordinian
5% others
GovernmentMulti-System Federated Republic
• President
LegislatureJunta de lideres
• Gran Junta Nacional de Sacrofnia
• Current constitution
• Total
1,224,291 km2 (472,701 sq mi)
• 1.2% estimate
93.844.019 (1.3%)
• 2019 census
GDP (nominal)6.407 trillion estimate
• Total
6.407 trillion
• Per capita
CurrencyCrofnos (Ã) (SAC)
Time zone(Template:+1)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
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Sacrofnia is an authoritarian, militaristic and highly conservative federated republic, known for its powerful army, its harsh criminal applications, its rich culture little affected by globalization due to cultural preservation policies and ultimately for being backed by a powerful nuclear arsenal, Biological and chemical. Is located in the world of Anteria

History of Sacrofnia

History period from 1258 to 1579.

1258 the great imperial republic of Sacrofnia was founded, Sacrofnia lived the second best epoco that it had in its history, it was a period of tranquility, economic prosperity and had the greatest artistic and philosophical development of its history. This fell abruptly in 1579, this fall was devolved to the rebellions of the bourgeois and nobles, by the decisions of the king that reduced the power of these two social sectors. this was aggravated when nationalists of Claucfron (a nation that was annexed) rose up in arms against the king and finally the creation of the army of faithful to Bilun, these faithful sowed the chaos and death where they passed.

History period from 1579 to 1720

This is the darkest period in the history of Sacrofnia, the sudden crisis was worse, due to the multiple conflicts the army of Sacrofnia was destroyed and the king executed, the nation ended up collapsing. Living a time of anarchy of 10 years, the rebellions of the noble and bourgeois were destroyed by the army of the faithful after 10 years they were reforming the old countries that formed Sacrofnia. In Sacron the leader was, Sacrof supreme general that called to the reunification of Sacrofnia but few were in agreement reason why it took to its great army to destroy the anarchists who attacked Sacron and repels to the army of faithful who attacked continuously. In 1620 Sacrof in his last years of life led the conquest of Claucfron destroying it completely. In 1656 an offensive was directed against Kolendur. In 1682 the army of the faithful was destroyed and they hunted down their members. in 1688 Sacrof III leader of Sacron reorganized the form of government that would be used in the future along with the representatives of the 5 remaining countries. And I refound Sacrofnia in 1720

Countries that make up the Great National Sacrofnia Board

Sacron: province that owns the current capital of Sacrofnia. owns most of the Sacrofnia industry and is the most populated province of Sacrofnia. is the economic heart of Sacrofnia, it is said that "the leader" lives in the capital.

Kolendur: The only province with the coast of Sacrofnia, stands out in its large fishery isdutria, but its coasts are not very beautiful because of the constant rains and fishing.

The Empire of Colwint: From here was born the military culture of Sacrofnia, noted for its magnificent castles and the great military school of Sacrofnia. the province shows its prestige through its great veils and museums that it owns.

Bolscal: the province with the largest forests in the country, here are the majority of the natural reserves of Sacrofnia since it is the place of origin of the national animal of Sacrofnia, the Dronof.

Frastol: The most arid region of the country much of the area is open to the public, here are the test areas of weapons and the secret laboratories of the nation. It is said that in these places are all kinds of disturbing experiments.

Mosston:Here are the majority of the prisons and execution zones of the nation, also where the nation's wheat fields are located, this is due to the fertilizer sold by the prisons.

the countries that make up Sacrofnia

Political system and division of powers

The power of the nation is divided into 2, the council and the president, the council is formed by the 6 leaders of the countries that form Sacrofnia and the president is elected by all the citizens of Sacrofnia. The council has legislation and judicial power, and the leader has executive power. Each council member is elected in a different way.

In Sacron, the leader is chosen ederitaria, these are the descendants of the hero of the nation. Current leader: Sacrof XII

In Koledur the leader is democratically elected. Current leader: Nataly Sailin

In the empire of Menwil, the elders of the emperor are elected as emperors when the former abdicates or dies. Current leader: Cerlon yilskarder

In Bolscal the leader is democratically elected. Current leader: Robert Landor

In Frastol the leader is chosen by a council of scientists. Current leader: Minlot Garraswith

In Mosston, the leader is chosen by the decision of the previous leader. Current leader: Tailor Faston

Prince Maximilian III represents the council abroad.

Policies of Sacrofnia

The Sacrofnian policies are few but they are always effectively applied and highly supported by their intelligent design, these are usually affected by the conservative values of the Sacrofnian politics and by the army, which is why they are usually considered somewhat obsolete for current times and very little replicable abroad because it is not focused on a general public only for Sacrofnian citizens, "Sacrofnia for Sacrofnians" could be said.

Currently Sacrofnia has cold relations with West_Beldonia and owns political refugee Joseph Calsinta Kirt

Sacrofnian buildings abroad

Continent: Kasia

Sacrofnian Embassy in New Hussvoar

Sacrofnian Harbor in New Hussvoar

Permanent military base in The Cethicalistic Order

Embassy in Aziallis

Continent: Atracia

Embassy in Galloway