Flag of Sanday
StatusLeased territory of Narozalica
CapitalFort Olsov
Common languages
• 1862–1904
Eduard Olsov
• 1921–1955
Vladislav Pudovkin
• 1955–1971
Gabriel Tozulyak
• 1862–1873
Ihor Shynkarenko
• 1974–1978
Artur Hordiyenko
Historical eraImperialism
• Treaty of Sandai
13 March 1862
• Annexation by Lainan
17 October 1978
1862627 km2 (242 sq mi)
• 1862
• 1926
• 1978
CurrencyNarozalic zolota
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Lainan

Sanday (Narodyn: Сандай; Sanday, Lainese: 𡑝大, sânđại) also known as Sandai was a leased mandate city of Lainan owned by the Narozalic Republic from the signing of the Treaty of Sandai in 1862 to its annexation by Lainan upon the outbreak of the Second Narozalic Civil War in 1978. It was the penultimate Coian concession to return to its original owner, followed only by the signing of the Xiao-Estmerish Jindao Treaty and the transfer of Jindao from Estmere to Xiaodong in 1996.

A major stop along Narozalica's Coian trade concessions, Sanday was the easternmost city of significance along the trade route following the seizure of Bahan in Dezevau by Gaullican colonial authorities in 1860. Situated on the edge of the wealthy Bay of Ngoc in Lainan on the Sandai Peninsula, and one of three concessions forming the Common Southern Exclusive Economic Zone in Lainan, along with Vinhxau (Werania), Loitay (Xiaodong) and Congbao (Estmere), it was one of the most populous of the Garden of Coius concessions provided by Lainan to the Euclean powers towards the end of the 19th century. It played a crucial part in maintaining Narozalic naval and economic influence in the region, and also directing trade back to the mainland for amenities such as tea, spices and plants, as well as providing income through labourious jobs such as shipping and coal mining.

Sanday survived through the Great War, but President Vladislav Pudovkin did not agree to return Sanday like the other Euclean powers had with their concessions. As such, Sanday remained a Narozalic city until the outbreak of the Second Narozalic Civil War in 1978, after which it was forcefully re-annexed by Lainan with little resistance. Following the reannexation of Sanday in 1978, the Dai Hoi of Lainan voted unanimously not to grant the city autonomous status but instead to add it to the Sanday Province.



Great War

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