Second Achysian Republic

Achysian Republic

Thrākie Napekyira
Emblem of the Republic
Motto: "Vita in libertate, vel mors!!"
'Live in liberty, or die!
Anthem: Awaken thee, Achysian! MediaPlayer.png
Common languagesAchysian Elyrian, High Elyrian
GovernmentMulti-party semi-presidential federal republic
• 1948-1955
Iulius Manius
LegislatureRepublican Senate
Republican Conclave
Republican Curia
Historical eraVarious
13 April 1948
• Established
14 April 1948
• Disestablished
14 May 1955
15 May 1955
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Transitional Government (Achysia)
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History of Achysia
Coat of arms of Achysia

The Achysian Republic (officially in Achysian Elyrian: Thrākie Napekyira), and commonly known as the Second Achysian Republic, to distinguish it from the First Achysian Republic (1794-1809) of the Auroran Revolutionary Wars, was the the democratic republican administration that existed in Achysia from 1948 to 1955. It was preceded by the Transitional Government, the provisional coalition formed by the military supported government of Achysia that was formed in the wake of the Achlysian Coup and the end of the Second World War and by the main democratic opposition parties. Under pressure from the republican parties, which were supported by foreign powers, a highly contested referendum was held, ending with the adoption of a republican form of government and the establishment of a republic. The Second Achysian Republic was highly unstable, as no party was able to even gain true political dominance on its own, and the republican government had to deal with the aftermath of the end of the War of Transition and with a deeply scarred nation, following the devastating events of the world wars. The Second Achysian Republic can be divided into four eras, the First Biennium (1948-1950), the Dismal Biennium(1950-1952), the Biennium of Recovery (1952-1954), and the Presidential Rule (1954-1955), which culminated with the April Crisis, caused by the death of President Iulius Manius and the collapse of the leading republican coalition party, the Flame of Democracy, which forced the country to choose Michael Valeria as its acting president. The failure of the republicans to stabilize the country led to a collapse of the popularity of the republic, and in the following referendum, the restoration of the monarchy was voted with an overwhelming majority, leading to the 1955 Restoration on the 15th of May 1955, and the creation of the Empire of Achysia on the 16th of May 1955, under Emperor Michael II Valeria.