Senadon is a city that is the seat of the Senadon Metropolitan Area. Founded during the Constructionist Era, it was built as one of the villages that was apart of the Seiranian Sabaphos, the Sabaphos that would eventually end the Constructionist Era and start the Pre-Timeless Era. The third largest city in the Akanovan Federal Territories and the fifth largest city. It is apart of the Circle of K'vari and is closely related to the city of Serenope.

Originally a farming village, Senadon became an important market town after the Battle of K'anama and the destruction of the Apakidzean Tri-Sabaphos. The K'vari Assembly of Senadon was established shortly after, becoming one of the few villages to have one. Senadon is home to several different unique foods found there, including Zhongya, Senadonian Salad, and the Seiberry. Its unique cuisine and farmable land led it to become important during the Pre-Timeless Era, and was considered to be the center of food creation along with the city of Serenope.

Senadon is home to the Akanovan Hall of Music, Third Shrine of Maradisoba, the Noi Hall, the Statue of Homitians, the Kryionic Assembly, and the Euthymiusan Hall of Cuisine. Senadon, as a city, hosts branches from the Central Akannite University, the Akannite Institute of Technology, and the Senadonian Institute of Health.