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The Empire of Shalum

Flag of Shalum
United We Stand, Divided We Fall
"Advance the Flag and Bison"
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, German, and Dutch
Ethnic groups
83% Shalumite
7% Maldorian
4.7% Acrean
5.3% Other
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Imperator
Tyler Holland
Ethan Solaris
Imperial Council
National Council
• Unification of Shalum
• Establishment of Holland Dynasty
• Imperial Period
• Reformation of New Empire
• Total
1,292,620 km2 (499,080 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2015 estimate
110, 859, 259
• 2020 census
113, 978, 432
GDP (PPP)2014 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyDollar (SD)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+705
Internet TLD.shm

Shalum, officially the Empire of Shalum, is a empire is a sovereign state located in northern Tyran. It is made up of eight constituent states, and covers an area of 1,292,620 square kilometers (499,083 sq mi) with a largely temperate seasonal climate. Its capital and largest city is Aragon, with a population of just over eighteen-million people. In total, the Empire of Shalum has a population of 110,859,259 people as of the last national census.

The Empire of Shalum is a unitary state governed by the: Imperator of Shalum, Prime minister, and Imperial Council made up of either members of the nobility, or individuals who have been hand-selected by the executive. The city of Aragon has acted as the seat of Shalumite government since the establishment of the Holland dynasty in the year 1549.




Law Enforcement and Crime

Government and politics

Head of State


The Nobilitly

Foreign Relations


The armed forces of the Empire of Shalum, officially known as the Shalumite Armed Forces, consists of three professional branches: the Imperial Shalumite Army, Imperial Shalumite Air Force, and the Imperial Shalumite Navy. It is supported by two civillian branches, the Imperial Army Korp of Engineering and the Imperial Defense Force. These forces fall under the command of the Ministry of Defense, which is headed by the Minister of Defense. The Commander-in-chief is the Shalumite monarch, Tyler Holland, to whom all uniformed service members swear allegiance to. The Armed Forces are charged with protecting the Empire's security and economic interests from all threats foreign and domestic.

Historically, when diplomatic talks have broken down to the point that conflict is inevitable, the Imperial Armed Forces have played a key role in assuring the Empire's sovereignty from foreign powers. Numerous times, its forces have been called in to counter aggressive actions taken by its neighbors, especially Ossoria and Æþurheim whom the Empire is known to regularly come into conflict with. Following the heavy losses in terms of both manpower and equipment that it took during the course of Eracura's Great War, much of the service branches saw sweeping reformation measures in terms of doctrine and chain of command. A second-round followed much later in 1991 under the administration of Imperator Carl Holland, who was interested in expanding the military's offensive capabilities and armament.

Given its massive need for equipment, Shalum has a thriving defense industry which is primary based out of the Duchy of Hallefeld. Many manufactureres were originally asked to locate to that region, particulary around the capital city of Dresden, due to geographic insulation from external threats. The largest domestic producer of Imperial military equipment, Kaiserliche Defense Systems, maintain its national headquarters there. Due to a sereis of laws passed by Imperial Parliament in 2002, at least 51% of stock must remain in the hands of noble families or the Exchequer. The largest foreign supplier of Shalumite equipment is Wolf Armaments, which is based out of the allied Empire of Common Territories. An example of their cooperation was the joint development of the Honigdachs (IFV) which was brought into service in mid-2005. As of the year 2019, the Empire spends approximately 2.2% of its GDP on the military and research and development for it.

Constituent Duchies

Shalum's administrative regions
Number Duchy Capital Duke/Duchess Population (2015 census)
1 Haford Aragon Tyler Holland
2 Hallefeld Dresden Jack Harper
3 Heneheim Frankfurt Joshua Blackburn
4 Crestone Niece Nicholas Weidmann
5 Kravola Olympus Matthias Mannheimer
6 Iron Island Kaiserwerth Victor von Grath
7 Grudeheim Fontera Magnus Rickenbacker
8 Venetia Verona Cassandra Västerlund-Navarro
9 Versillia Torun
10 Morvaria Sachsenbeck
11 Seelow-Friesland Karlsruhe Marius Lockhart
12 Breslau Kester
13 Maldoria Concordia Dranis Donsowar
14 East Arzell Westerburg Mathias Hirsch